Need A Hotel Room? Plan Ahead for Next Pow Wow Season

Need  A Hotel Room?  Plan Ahead for Next Pow Wow Season

The fall season is upon us. Starbucks is serving Pumpkin Spice Lattes, pumpkins are on sale at the grocery store, and the powwows are starting to slow down. So how far in advance do you plan for a powwow?

Well, this caffeinated powwow mom has to plan.

As a mom of twins and a dancing family, I have to plan where I go and what activities are going to take place while we are out on the road. I am going to take for example, my favorite mega powwow – Gathering of Nations.  I am already starting to plan.

I have already begun scoping out rooms via!.

I to get a feel for how the rooms are and what amenities are available. will help me find out if the continental breakfast is really just a pot of old coffee and a half a sweet roll, or if the continental breakfast is fresh coffee, fresh waffles, cereal and fruit. is also good for finding out if that cheap room you just booked is really worth the money that you are going to be saving or if you should just spend the extra 10 bucks for a better room. I do my own booking of hotel rooms, and if I can’t find a better rate – I will call a travel agent.

When it comes to Travel Agents – I usually work with Molly Linabah – Putsch (npathstvl @ – she is native, works out of Albuquerque, and has some fantastic rates that you just cant get anywhere besides her company. And as a travel agent – you can also book other rooms through her. Sometimes this is easier than doing all the research – because you just have one phone number to dial – and boom – you’re in like flint!!  Using travel agents is free for you.   The airlines, hotels, and car companies pay their commission.

Remember too that has a special rate with Motel 6.  All'ers save 10% using a special code.  Go to the's Travel Page for more information.

Now I know that sometimes –, Travelocity,, and the like – are an old hat – but they have been around because they are good and the reviews are often true to form. These travel sites can be a very good starting point for when you’ve no idea where you’re going – but going because you want to attend the powwow. So here’s to researching rooms and reading reviews! Because we all want to the best rooms at the lowest cost!! And by the way – I’m still reading reviews and will book my room for 2013 Gathering of Nations soon. It is never too early to start planning. It’s less stress on everyone – and one less thing to worry about!! So I’m going to go get myself a Pumpkin Spice latte and get back to planning. See you at Gathering and Happy Planning!!!!

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