NCAI Resolution to Urge Congress to Reimburse Native American Veterans Illegally Taxed While on Active Duty

Posted By Tammy Scism August 16th, 2013 Last Updated on: August 16th, 2013

National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) recently passed a resolution which calls upon its members and member Tribes to urge Congress to reimburse eligible Native American Service members who were illegally taxed by their state of residence while on active duty.

To read the resolution in its entirety click here: http://www.ncai.org/attachments/Resolution_uNFXzhlbcGHDDUzPFgAdnhxOdjchQqKmaarlOCoMrxjjKCIFssD_REN-13-075%20final.pdf

According to Federal tax laws, Native Americans who reside and work on federal reservations are not subject to pay income tax. However, our Native American service members have been taxed by the state in which the reservation is located for the past 24 years. It was only as early as nine years ago that any attempt to address this issue was made.

New Mexico Representative, Tom Udall, sponsored the American Indian Veterans Pay Restoration Act of 2004 which failed due to a lack of support. In 2009, New Mexico began to refund state income taxes withheld from service members who claimed the reservation at their home while serving.

According to NCAI, the new resolution will be the policy until it is either withdrawn or modified by a subsequent resolution.

For more information, Native American service members and their families can contact the NCAI at:

NCAI Headquarters

1516 P Street, N.W.

Washington, DC  20005


202.466.7797 fax


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Earned an MBA in International Business and a BBA in Human Resource Management. A member of the Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas and a Veteran of the US Army. Additionally, is married and has three biological children, two stepsons and is raising two of her seven grandchildren in Northern California.

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This is an excellent article. There must be thousands of Native Veterans from several different states who were illegally taxed.
Everyone knows a veteran or has a Veteran in their family. Some of these tribal warriors did not come back alive. Each of us must relay this information at every event,every grand opening,everytime someone behind a podium or a microphone asks for questions we must ask why have our veterans remained overlooked. It is good that we make a stand for our individual causes but if we learn to include each other at these different locations our voices will soon be heard by more and more people. Migwej

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