Navajo Photographer Showcases the Beauty of His Homelands

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 14th, 2016 Last Updated on: January 14th, 2016


Mylo Fowler is a landscape photographer who was born north of the Navajo Nation capitol in Fort Defiance, Arizona and was raised on the Navajo Nation's Northwestern edge near Page, Arizona.

I began following him on Instagram this past year and have been amazed by the gorgeous scenery he has captured. Take a look below and see if you're now blown away by these images.

My dad once said something that wasn't rocket science but it left a lasting impact on me. It pretty much went…. “sooner or later, we die. For some that's the end of the road. For some, it isn't. Now is the time to do something while you still can. We're all driving down the same road of life. Some hitchhike and get rides their entire life and end up where the ride ends because they had no control or no choice or voice. Others figure out how to get their own car and have more fun, get where they want in life and end up where they want to end up. Get a car son! THAT is why the journey is always going to be worth it! Don't sit shotgun in someone else's car!” This whole photography thing…. has been one wild ride! I'm sure you're somewhere in this image and hopefully, you have a great grip on your own steering wheel instead of shotgun or riding someone else's line. #NaturesClassRoom #VisitArizona #LargeFormat #4by5 #LifeLessons #Sandstone #Pictureline #ClikElite #GitzoInspires #SinghRayFilters #GetOutStayOut #RockDiscrete #iWantProof #FilmIsNotDead #AZHighways #Arizona #FujiVelvia #RockwellTime #NatGeo #Nature #GoalZero

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A photo posted by Mylo Fowler (@navajomylo) on

Amazing right??

In the following short video, Fowler speaks a little bit about his upbringing and how he got into photography.

I think a roadtrip is in order to see these breathtaking views in person!

To see more stunning photos from Mylo Fowler, please follow him on Instagram: @NavajoMylo.

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what beautiful photo’s thanks for sharing

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