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NATIVE HOOP MAGAZINE  focuses on “Natives Supporting Natives” and brings a variety of Native Voices to the realm of publishing. Managing Editor Joleen Brown shares with us how this dynamic magazine arose and is promoting Native artists, authors, dancers and more. Issues are available for free online at http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/748919?__r=69106 .

Interview by Dr. Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor

Q) It's great to visit with you!!! I love NATIVE HOOP MAGAZINE and your great vision for “Natives Supporting Natives”! You are uniting Indigenous people and writing about it! What is your Native heritage? Tell us some of the things that mean the most to you about being Native and a member of your Tribe?

A) I am Lakota, My father’s side is Assiniboine, My mother’s is Northern Cheyenne, and Oglala.
The culture means the most. I didn’t get to grow up with much of it. But I made a promise to my Grandmother before she passed that I would learn and teach my children. I was always taught that our children are our future. Without them we have no future.

Q)I agree! Our beautiful future does matter most! That's one of the best things about your tremendous magazine…you are carrying on the culture and teaching about the traditions that we hold dear as Native People. How did NATIVE HOOP start?

A) Well, James Morales was the one who started NATIVE HOOP, I came on board a few years back. The thing I like about NATIVE HOOP is it’s from the people. Anyone of any tribe from, First Nations to American tribes can submit.
We like to promote the people in a positive way. But I think the best part is that NATIVE HOOP MAGAZINE is a place for all our people to let their voices be heard. A poem, an article, and so on.
NATIVE HOOP is Native owned and operated. There is no bias towards one tribe or the other. There are not many places for our people to get out there in main stream. And with NATIVE HOOP it helps. We went worldwide by the second issue.

NATIVE HOOP features Managing Editor/CFO Joleen Brown (Center) on the cover of its most recent issue! NATIVE HOOP features Managing Editor/CFO Joleen Brown (Center) on the cover of its most recent issue!Q) What can we expect from a typical issue? What do you think are some of the most important ideas and insights that your magazine promotes?

A) Well, that is what is great about NATIVE HOOP MAGAZINE. We are not typical. Each issue is different. What is in the magazine is what the people send in. So, one issue can have more interviews than the next, one can have models more than the next, and my absolute favorite is when I find the unknown artists of any kind and get to promote their work. To get these unknown artists that very few know about and let the world know everything about them.. When I say artists it does not have to be a painter. Our people are the best artists out there. From beaders, to silver smiths, to carvings, to pottery and much much more.
I would have to say the best ideas and insights would be to read what others are doing, to know what they want everyone to know. Our people are not dead like many in America think. All of our people are thriving and alive. And many are working hard to help each other to preserve our cultures and languages.

Q)What are some of the values that influence you through your tribal culture? How do those internal ideas appear in your magazine?

A) Respect your elders, and your children. I spent a lot of time with elders growing up. And honestly that was the best times in my life. I learned so much from them. My dad was always there and I learned a lot from him. The children are our legacy, without them we cannot continue with our culture and traditional ways.
I have not met a tribe yet that does not cherish their elders, or children. So when we have the chance we always try to do that.

Q) How did you know that working in publishing was what you truly wanted to do? What are some of the obstacles you had to overcome in order to move forward with your magazine?

A) Well, issue 1 was the first magazine I had ever had anything to do with. Each issue is a learning experience. I don’t think you could ever know everything that has to do with a magazine that changes.
How I knew, well, when that first person come back to me and thanked me for getting them out there in the magazine. And as each issue passed and someone that was featured thanked us, I knew this is what I love to do. It is promoting our amazing cultures of different tribes, and their work, and letting the world know we are here, and look how amazing all our people are.

native hoop logo

Q) How can we find, order, purchase your magazine?

A)This link is the Magcloud where you can purchase a print copy or download and view for free
These are the links through facebook that you can go and find anything you want to out about us.

The linked in Account

Or find James Morales or myself and you can get to them through there.


Q) Where does your magazine fit in the range of magazines on sale these days?

A) Well we really don’t have a category. We don’t follow any specific theme or anything like that. This is for the People.

Q) What do you think your magazine will teach its readers? What do you hope that they will discover about Native People and Culture?

A) I hope Native Hoop Magazine teaches the readers that we are proud people. We are still here are there is more of us and we are not going away. We are not all the typical stereotypes that our people have to deal with. That our people are smart! We are Educated! And we are not going anywhere. Not only do people need to learn, but through this discovery that we are not what the history books say we are. Besides the history books lie!!

Q) Powwows are an important part of life for our audience. Do you ever attend or participate in powwows? What do you think makes a powwow a good one? What are some of your favorite powwows!
A) Yes I do attend and participate in powwows. I love them. What makes a good powwow?? Well I would have to say I love learning the different dance styles. Seeing how we can come together from all the different tribes. Learning why one tribe does this dance this way, and why the other tribe does it that. And how we can all come together in one place and dance.
Back in Oregon I loved the Nesika Illahee (Siletz) Powwow, The Springfield High school Indian education program powwow, and the Chemawa Indian school Powwows.
In Albuquerque I love the small ones. The Gathering of the Nations was fun as well.

Q) What do you wish we knew about you that we don't already know? Mvto…thank you for your sharing with us! We sure do appreciate you!
A) I think we covered everything. Thank you for this opportunity. Thank You.

For More Information, Contact:
James Morales
Native Hoop Inc
Native Hoop Media

Joleen Brown
Native Hoop Inc
Managing Editor
Native Hoop Magazine
[email protected]

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Terry O'Brien

Hi I’m not of your land, but for many years, about 50, I’ve been learning as much as I can, there should be more about the peoples of YOUR land in the media, I intend to visit soon, thank you for accepting me.
Terry O’Brien

Kelvin Jones

I love my heritage and I’m trying to learn all I can about my heritage my mother was 100% TSALAGI (Cherokee) and she taught me what she knew of our tribe and to be proud and true to the earth and all living creatures! Now I want to teach all my children and grand children about the true of our people so they can learn the language and the ways of our forefathers, to keep our language and traditions alive eternally . So I said all that to say I want to learn all the language and all I can about our native ways and customs to hand them down through out my family so if there’s anyone who could assist me or point me in the right direction please contact me (609)339-4742 or [email protected]

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