Native Siouxperman Reveals His SuperPower in “What It’s Gon’ Be?”

Posted By PowWows.com September 21st, 2014 Last Updated on: September 21st, 2014

“If the sky is the limit, we exceed limitations,” Native Siouxperman raps in his recent music video.  “What It's Gon Be”.  This compelling video features the driving beats and rhythmic rap of this popular Producer and Hip Hop Artist from the Ft. Peck Sioux and Assiniboine Tribes of Poplar, Montana.  “Got 'em like, ‘hold up wait' is it really a Native? I'm like yeah, I'm so Siouxpa, so ill and creative,” Native Siouxperman flows as he confronts stereotypes and confounds challengers with clever punchlines and intricate wordplay.

Native Siouxperman, Dorrance Comes Last!

Native Siouxperman, Dorrance Comes Last!

By Dr Dawn Karima, PhD, Native American Culture Editor

Dorrance Comes Last onstage at Montana Made!

Dorrance Comes Last onstage at Montana Made!


'What It's Gon' Be?"

‘What It's Gon' Be?”

A member of the Dakota Sioux Cut Head Clan, Native Siouxperman is also known as Dorrance Comes Last, a Northern Traditional Dancer and musician.  Influenced by 2Pac, Biggie, and other artists, Native Siouxperman makes a distinction between Rap and Hip Hop.  “I feel being a rapper is more of an image and a certain lifestyle,” he muses, “As for Hip Hop, it's more of a message, more life is present in the lyrics.” “It's more genuine,” he reflects.


That sense of genuine talent and a passion for his musical genre infuses the video “What It's Gon' Be?” with vivacious wit and forceful energy.  Comedians Soup Juice, Tito Ybarra, and Mylo Redwater display their dancing talents in a nod to Native power and pride.  Fans of Supaman's “Prayer Loop Song” will enjoy seeing this Crow artist supporting Native Siouxperman in his music video.  Such starpower fills every frame of “What It's Gon' Be” with strength, unity, and a dynamic display of Native talent. Native Siouxperman and his Still True Production have created an intriguing music video, fueled by an infectious homage to DMX, an addicting hook, and a lush beat, all distinguished by skillful verses and flow.

Enjoy “What It's Gon' Be?”











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jessie haase

Big ups, to all the Native men doing good things to inspire our YOUTH. They are where it’s at. My son met Supaman this past weekend at Oklahoma Indian Summer and they hung out throughout the weekend and danced. He inspired Blue so much. Aho!

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