The Native “Primary” Vote !!!

Posted By Charlie Ballard February 29th, 2016 Last Updated on: March 1st, 2016

Super Tuesday is March 1st and the remaining U.S. Presidential candidates are vying for those precious state Delegate & Caucus votes needed to win their party nomination.

The real race is happening right now in the primary run off, the Presidential contenders with the most state delegates from their political party will get their name on the Presidential ballot, which is why its important for Native Americans living on reservations to vote in their primary!

The Native Primary & Caucus vote could easily sway which top Democratic contender, Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton, will go into the Presidential run off.

In last weeks Nevada Primary, Myron Dewey (Walker River Paiute) noted on his Facebook page, “thirteen more Bernie supporters at the Walker River Paiute Tribes Caucus would have won Bernie a Win…”  . (indiancountry)

Also in Nevada, David Michael Karabelnikoff (Alaska Native) said, “in Pyramid lake where we'd originally tried to get Bernie to visit today, went 4 delegates to Hillary Clinton and 0 to Bernie after Bernie was not viable. With three more Bernie supporters we could have picked up 3 delegates”  . (reddit/sandersforpresident)

Earlier this month, Hillary narrowly etched out Bernie for the caucuses of Iowa, however, Sanders won a whopping a 83.3 percent of the vote at the from the members of the Meskwaki Tribal caucus and only gave 16.7 percent of their votes to Clinton. (indianz)

In the 2012 Presidential general election, many Native American Reservation Democrat voting blocks were drowned out by heavily favored Republican counties in their respective states, however, the Native State Primary vote of 2016 could easily help determine which Democratic contender we send into the Presidential race, which will either be Bernie or Hillary!

So if your state Primary & Caucus vote is coming up and you're on a Native reservation, get out and vote vote vote, let your voices be heard!

As of 2.29.16 (AP)

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.45.23 PM

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.45.43 PM

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William Red Horse Haury

Hello Paul,

I have read, with interest, your article on “The Native Primary Vote”. I also read, and sympathize, with Mr. Land’s response. I have been campaigning (quietly) the past nearly three months, as I am running for the Office of President of the United States. Now I ask you, having published this article on Powwows.com, that you let your readers know that there is indeed an American Indian in the running for the Presidency. I am now formally asking for your support….


This is the link to my Presidential Group on Facebook. There will be a website forthcoming, as it is currently in the works. I will certainly welcome an interview, however we can arrange to do this….

Thank You, my friend, for all that you do !!

William Red Horse Haury

David Land

William Red Horse, this is great!!!!! Indians (and do note I do not say “American Indian, or Native American”) have for so long been the last group to have a seat at any political table. The land grabs which continue today, drive me insane!! The lack of education of our children, both on and off the Reservations is shameful. My daughter, who is a student at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama was asked to write a paper on a topic which was cultural and controversial. So she wrote and documented the failing education of our children. The professor failed her. He was looking more for issues which speak to the gay and lesbian issues in our country. So let everyone know you are running. Get on the tribal pages and let those who are currently looking at Democrats to now look at you. Give them solid reasons to have faith in you, and let them know that the Indian Health System WILL be fixed. That education is important for all, and this includes Indian children. In short, take back OUR COUNTRY!!

Best wishes, and God bless you!!

David Land

Proud American

You are a joke , you have so many medical problems you won’t even pass the exam, but I think you know that and are just trying to scam people out of money.

Ric Carter

Why do the people continue to support the party that gave them the Trail Of Tears, controlled and promoted the whiskey trade in Montana, and never keep their promises?

Corrections Needed

Dear Charlie,
I suggest that you seek out the help of an editor for your blog articles before they are published. The above article is plagued with grammatical errors including: punctuation errors, missing apostrophes, capitalization mistakes, problematic run-on sentences, and incorrect quotation attribution.

To elaborate, the following sentences contain errors and need to be fixed:
1. In the first sentence, the words “presidential”, “delegate” and “caucus” should NOT be capitalized. Also you should show the correct possessive case by writing “party’s nomination”.

2. In the 2nd paragraph, there should be a period after the word “off” since it is a complete thought/sentence. As is, this is a run-on sentence. Again the word “presidential” should NOT be capitalized. You should insert an apostrophe into the word “its” because in the context you are using this word, it is a contraction of the 2 words “it is”.

3. In the 3rd paragraph, the words “primary” and “caucus” should NOT be capitalized. And it would be more accurate to use the word “election” rather than “run off”.

4. In the 4th paragraph, there should be an apostrophe in the word “week’s”. When you are quoting a source & that quotation contains grammatical errors, it is proper notation is to insert the abbreviation (Latin for “thus was it written”) showing that you know that it is grammatically incorrect. All 3 of your quotations contain errors as they appear in your blog article. Also, I would recommend that you consult MLA/APA guide et al for correct formatting for your referenced material.

5. In the 6th paragraph, I believe you meant to use the word “edged” (as in a narrow margin) not “etched” (meaning engraved). You need to either use a period or a semi-colon after the word “Iowa” & before the word “however”; this is a run-on sentence. You also forgot to enclose the http://www.indianz.com quotation with quotation marks.

6. In the 7th paragraph, the words “presidential”, “reservation”, “state” and “primary” should NOT be capitalized. Also you should use the “Democratic” as the correct adjective form. Once again, you need to either use a period or semi-colon after the word “states” and before the word “however”. This is a run-on sentence as currently written.

7. In the last paragraph, a comma needs to be placed after the word “So”. Do not capitalize the words “primary” and “caucus”. You also need to insert commas after the first two times you use the word “vote”. And you must eliminate the comma after the last time you use the word “vote” and replace it with either a period or a semi-colon. It is again a run-on sentence as currently written.

Corrections Needed

For some reason, the comment formatter/editor used on this website apparently does not accept “the less than” and “the greater than” symbol being used in text.

In my previous comment, point #4 should have included the abbreviation (sic) to show that whatever is written is grammatically incorrect.

David Land

I don’t understand the support for a Democratic president, when the current president states that we “Native Americans” are immigrants. My blood runs deep, red, and native to MY country. Not the country of the whites or any other immigrant.

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