Native Lives Matter- A Short Video About Native Poverty On Reservations

Native Lives Matter- A Short Video About Native Poverty On Reservations

Posted By PowWow Articles July 30th, 2018 Last Updated on: January 19th, 2022

Native Lives Matter was released on Facebook with video and audio highlighting the issues that directly affect Natives today. Mainly extreme poverty and struggles with substance abuse.

Using the phrase that is closely tied to Black Lives Matter, Native Lives Matter addresses the need for sovereignty and healing in tribes on reservations.

Check out the video below.

Native Lives Matter

Native Lives Matter short film. An insight into the problems that plague the South Dakota Native American reservations. By Cassidy Stratman, Shannon Duffy and Maria Wilson, seniors at St. Thomas More High School in Rapid City #nativelivesmatter #native #NativeAmerican #SouthDakota

Posted by TribalTV on Sunday, July 22, 2018

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[…] Natives live in hard-to-count areas, such as on reservations or in remote, sparsely settled areas. For example, census takers in 2020 trekked to Alaska’s […]

Jonell Adams

This is sad. We know the issues, now how do we make it right? Go back to the basics? Talk to the elders and respect them for their wisdom and experience.

Kathy Bentley

Exactly! Also, honoring the Creator is at the center of having peace and harmony.

Dianne Davidson

All life matters I believe education is the key giving the kids something to do something to look forward to being idle and the feeling of not being or not belonging contributes two most of the suicides on the reservation the native Americans are so talented I am part native and I attend the porch Creek Indians in Atmore r Pow Wow every year they have the most beautiful regalia how to put all that talent to work stop drug-abusing and let’s get moving Brothers

Alexander Wilson

I don’t even know why it’s not coming on I’ve been trying to watch it you told me it was unsubscribe but I don’t have it unsubscribe

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