Native Elder Taunted During Song in DC

Native Elder Taunted During Song in DC

Posted By Paul G January 19th, 2019 Blog

A video from Washington DC has gone viral today.  In just a few hours the video already has over 1 million views on Youtube.  Also included below is a video showing the entire incident, almost 2 hours unedited.

The video was recorded during the Indigenous People's March on January 18, 2019 by KC Noland.

The Omaha elder, Nathan Phillips, was singing the AIM song when a group of young men began taunting him.  The group of students are from Covington Catholic High School.

The group is noticeably wearing “Make American Great Again” hats.

In this video, you can hear one of the students talking about the “way of the world”.

New video has been shared showing the entire incident, over 1 hour and 45 minutes of footage.

The video shows that a group of black men became engaged with the students.  The two groups continue to exchange words.  The tone of the scene escalated quickly.  Watch the video at [1:11:24].  You can see Nathan Phillips enter between the two groups.  He tried to intercede and de-escalate the situation.

In an interview with Detroit Free Press, Mr. Phillips says he tried to put himself the two groups.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Phillips said the incident started as the students from Covington Catholic were observing a group of Black Israelites talk, and started to get upset at their speeches.

Phillips said some of the members of the Black Hebrew group were also acting up, “saying some harsh things” and that one member spit in the direction of the Catholic students.

“So I put myself in between that, between a rock and hard place,” Phillips said. –

Many people on social media have accused Mr. Phillips of trying to cause a confrontation with the school group.  This longer video shows, that he did try to interact with them, but not to cause a confrontation.  His intentions were to try and keep peace between these groups.

Read the statement from Nick Sandman, the student at the center of the video.

You can contact the school:

Covington Catholic
High School Principal
Robert Rowe [email protected]
(859) 491-2247
Fax (859) 448-2242

Diocese of Covington
1125 Madison Ave.
Covington, KY 41011-3115
(859) 392-1500
[email protected]

Diocesan Board of Catholic Education Superintendent
Michael Clines
(859) 392-1500
[email protected]

Assistant Superintendent
Karen McGuire
[email protected]

You can watch more of Nathan Phillips:

What do you think?

Are groups like this emboldened to taunt people because of Trump?

Nathan Phillips was honored Sunday, January 20, 2019 by several Native leaders. hosted a watch party on Facebook.  You can join the discussion!

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43 thoughts on “Native Elder Taunted During Song in DC

  1. Indepedent Thinker says:

    I also watched the entire video and I have a few questions for Mr. Phillips. Why did he choose to confront the teenagers instead of the Black Israelites who had started the entire incident with their taunts and insults to the Indigenous Peoples group and then to the students? Was it because he knew it would be easier to confront children rather than adults? Or was it because he knew the MAGA hats would give him more publicity?
    Those students were waiting for their bus to leave. There was no reason for the students to move so that Mr. Phillips could move into the center of their group. He had sp reason to be there.
    The media spread false news that has vaulted Mr. Phillips to celebrity status and generated hate filled threats to the students, especially Nick Sandman. I am disappointed that our native Americans have chosen to ignore the truth.

  2. Claire Lynon says:

    Hey young Sandmann, how about joining the military, Marine’s, really MAGA! Or do you have bone spurs too? Respect is what the Marine’s will teach you. ooh-rah

  3. Donna Cramer says:

    I live across the river from these kids and while I find their behavior so appalling I’m also not surprised. White male privilege rears it’s ugly head yet again. I am a white woman and was raised Catholic but am well aware of the damage that was inflicted on Native Americans.
    I believe that the behavior these days go right back to the current White House occupant. The boys were wearing those awful hats. Unfortunately a lot of white folks don’t care about other races and cultures. They think that folks of color should just get over it and move on. They don’t care that in many instances they are preventing people of color from moving on. I have tried to speak on this and they just don’t want to hear it.
    I stand with Nathan Philips. There are derogatory posts on Facebook about Mr Philips’ past. I didn’t read them as they are probably lies. I am heartbroken about this whole incident. The Diocese of Covington received suspicious packages yesterday and death threats. That is wrong. There are evil forces at work who would love nothing better than to divide and destroy our country. We have to figure out a way to defuse all this anger and begin to heal.

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