Native American Tribal Directory

Native American Tribal Directory

Posted By Paul G July 26th, 2011 Native American Tribes


Directory of the Federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States and a directory of tribes in Canada.

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86 thoughts on “Native American Tribal Directory

  1. terry free says:

    How can I find out what tribe of indian we are from–hope you can help.

  2. Cindi Rambeau says:

    I am so envious and Happy for you all I have been searching my entire life for my Native American Ancestors (Cherokee) But my great grandfather did a great job of covering his tracks may be someday the great Spirit will guide me to the answers I seek

  3. Estefania says:

    “We need independency in order to becmoe great.”The United States of America continues to be the most prosperous of all nations on the earth, with a production output that floors all others, even despite the horrendous economic travesty that President Obama is perpetrating on us (though he may yet succeed). It is incredibly naive to compare the prosperity of the citizens of the USA to the likes of China, Brazil, Egypt, and the Arab Nations, which have significant portions of their populations living in almost medieval conditions such an assertion is positively surreal. The poorest of Americans and First Americans live as kings compared to many in those countries. Even compared to Japan and Israel, who in this country would truly want to trade his standard of living for theirs?To becmoe great the First Nations need to exercise the independence and freedom they already have, stop offering themselves up into slavery by bowing down at the altars of socialism and kissing the feet of the high priests of entitlement Obama, Kennedy, et al selling their once free souls into slavery.The First Nations were endowed by the Creator with the rights of Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees those rights to its citizens, even its First Citizens. But they have to exercise those rights to enjoy them. Unfortunately too many of them already have relinquished their spirits into slavery.Awake! Rise up from the dust! Stand as Men! Cast off the shackles of sin and dependence! Your greatness lies within you as children of the Creator Himself. If you think your greatness lies with Obama, then you are destined to remain in slavery. But that is not your destiny. You will yet blossom as a rose and becmoe a scourge to tyrants and petty tyrants who seek to sap away your liberty with the soma of socialism and godlessness.

  4. robin Adria says:

    My granny told me that her 5th great grandmom married the SAC Indian chief, I believe he was called Black Foot or Hawk do they exist any more and how do I find this for my family Tree. Thank you for your time. Also why is it when I spot a wolf or a picture I feel so drawn to that wolf, I have collections of them in my home.

    • Samsat says:

      I’m from a culture that doesn’t know what the hell it’s doing. Seeing this video, I’m moved by the pasosin filled faces. We fight with ourselves over budgets and irrelevant politics. Meanwhile, we are making the planet uninhabitable, allowing starvation, poverty. Soon, we’ll cause the oceans to rise and millions to migrate or die, THEN we’ll decide to do something about it. I believe that aboriginal peoples have some wisdom on the environment. We don’t deserve it, but I hope you’ll forgive us.

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