Native American Made Original Ledger Art Parfleche Doctors Bag Indian Motorcycle – eBay find of the weeky

Posted By PowWow Articles September 19th, 2019 Last Updated on: September 19th, 2019

Native American Made Original Ledger Artwork Parfleche Style Doctors Bag, Antique seed beaded handle

One of a kind, Native American made, original plains Indian ledger art, rawhide, parfleche style doctors bag, purse/handbag, with antique seed beaded handle.

This bag is entirely handmade and features two unique scenes drawn & painted on rawhide with permanent colors and pigments. Both sides depict northern plains Indians in traditional dress, drawn in “ledger “ style. This type of drawing is named for the the accounting ledgers that so many of these drawings were drawn on from the mid 1800’s to the turn of the century. Originally this type of art was drawn & painted on hides, & recorded significant events or activities important to the artist. Ledger type drawings also became popular subject matter for beadwork, & beginning around the 1800’s, Lakota women often beaded doctors bags or satchels entirely in ledger style scenes.

The inspiration for this doctors style rawhide bag came from such beautiful antique beaded bags, & was made in homage to those great original artists. One side of this bag features a man wearing a warbonnet, riding an “Indian” brand motorcycle. The motorcycle design is representative of “Indian” bikes from the early 1900’s. The other side of the bag depicts three individuals, a man in a top hat, with a courting flute, and a woman wearing a traditional, Crow style, elk tooth dress, with a small girl at her side. The foundation of this bag is made of heavy harness leather, and covered in white buckskin & white rawhide. It’s has been edged in the traditional style of plains Indian parfleche bags, with heavy red flannel/wool blend binding, and hand stitched with hand cut white buckskin lacing.

The handle of the bag is hand beaded in antique Venetian seed beads in pale blue, medium red white hearts, cobalt blue, greasy yellow, Cheyenne pink, & deep green. The bag is accented with nickel metal spots, metal tin cones, red plumes, & yellow deer hair. A heavy magnetic closure, hidden under the rawhide strap, securely snaps the bag shut. For added strength and durability, the metal frame of the purse is covered with harness leather. It is lined in white chrome tanned buckskin, with dark brown linen material covering the inner sides of the purse. Chrome tanned buckskin was used for the lining, rather than a sueded on both sides buckskin, as it can be easily cleaned with a lightly dampened cloth, while a suede buckskin surface should not come in contact with water or moisture. It has been signed and dated by the artist on the inner lining of the bag. This original ledger style doctors bag would make a wonderful addition to any Native American art collection, & would be a beautiful accessory to any wardrobe.

Measurements: Approximately 10 x 6 x 11 inches(from top of handle to bottom of bag) or 25.4 cm x 15.24 cm x 27.94 cm.



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