Native American Cannabis Companies You Should Know

Posted By BrittanyLCerny February 14th, 2022 Last Updated on: February 14th, 2022

Native American cannabis companies are making their mark in what's come to be known as “The Green Rush.”

So far, 18 states have legalized cannabis for adult use and 36 have made it legal for medical use. As more states legalize it, more research is being done on the tremendous benefits cannabis can provide—not only to individuals but also to communities. 

And Native Americans have benefitted lucratively from cannabis legalization. It has provided job opportunities and tax revenues to Native American communities that they may not have otherwise had. A great example of this is the opening of the Lovelock Paiute Tribe’s dispensary in Nevada last year. Laurie Thom, the enforcement director at the Inter-Tribal Marijuana Enforcement Commission of Nevada, touched on this in an interview with the South Dakota News Watch.

It’s a new industry that brings new challenges to a tribal government, but it also brings forward a demographic of people who weren’t welcomed at the table before. Not only does it allow tribes to thrive, but it allows individual tribal members to spread their wings and their skill sets.

There are now hundreds of cannabis dispensaries located in the United States and Canada that are owned by indigenous people. Not only that, but Native Americans are making a living from farming, running testing centers, and owning consulting companies as well. 

Be a conscious shopper and support your local Native dispensaries for your hemp, CBD and cannabis needs. If you're looking for other Native American businesses, check out our ShopNative directory!

Here are ten Native American cannabis companies you should check out:

10 Native American Cannabis Companies

1. Agate Dreams

Agate Dreams - Native American dispensary

Agate Dreams has two locations to choose from, which are in Suquamish, Washington, and White Horse in Kitsap County. Their dispensary offers a fantastic selection of flower, edibles, vape products, and concentrates. Both offer online and call-in ordering for pickup as long as the buyer is at least 21 years of age. The White Horse location is located on the White Horse Golf Course and is relatively new, while the Suquamish location is considered the OG. 

Agate Dreams was featured in the news for being Washington State’s second Native American dispensary, which was a “big win for tribal sovereignty.” The business concept was thought up by a few Suquamish tribal members and soon after became a huge success. The main rule coming from the government was that they still had to charge the same amount of sales tax as non-tribal shops. But they can also charge a separate tax and keep the revenues, which they did. And that has been a tremendous economic success for the Suquamish community. 

Robin Sigo, a member of the Suquamish Tribal Council, stated in an interview, “It was something that was possible, it was something that was potentially profitable, and it was another chance for us to strengthen our sovereignty.” 

Agate Dreams is thriving with both locations and their owners are literally living their dream. 

2. Elevation

Elevation Native American dispensaries

Members of the Squaxin tribe located on the Squaxin Island Indian Reservation in western Washington have also etched their names into the recreational marijuana history books. Elevation was the first retail cannabis shop to open on tribal land. They helped pave the way for other indigenous communities to create financially sustainable brands for themselves. 

Their website states, “This cannabis retail venture was created to diversify tribal enterprises and assist in securing the tribe’s economic future. All profits from Elevation support crucial infrastructures such as healthcare, education, economic development, and employment for the Squaxin Island Tribe.”

At Elevation, customers can find anything they are looking for. Their website allows people to filter their search to narrow it down to exactly what they are looking for. They also share deals from time to time and have a rewards program for regular customers. 

The Squaxin tribe has made quite a fruitful business out of Elevation. If you’re ever in the area, stop by and see the first Native American cannabis shop that was allowed on tribal land.

3. Mountain Source Dispensary

Native American owned cannabis companies

San Diego, California, is home to Mountain Source Dispensary, which is owned and operated by the Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel. Its motto is “Get it where it’s grown,” and this is absolutely true for them. Notably, Mountain Source is not solely a dispensary, but it shares the land with a state-of-the-art botanical facility. 

In 2014, the Iipay Nation shut down the casino on that land and decided to join in on something even more economically valuable—a recreational cannabis company. Since then, the company has been specialized in “manufacturing holistic medicinal products and operating the cannabis cultivation sites.”

The location opened in 2019 and has been gaining momentum ever since. If you live in the San Diego area, drive up to Mountain Source and experience the breathtaking views and grab a treat on your way out! 

4. NuWu

NuWu - Native American owned cannabis company

NuWu, in Las Vegas, is different from the first three Native American cannabis companies on this list—it's a drive-through cannabis store and it's open 24 hours a day!

No one sleeps when they’re in Vegas anyway, so customers must be highly satisfied to be able to buy something special when they want it the most. Not only does NuWu offer that unique feature, but they also have two locations, have the only cannabis tasting room in Las Vegas, and offer specials and rewards for patrons.

The NuWu Cannabis Marketplace is owned and operated by the Paiute Tribe, which owns the land on which the stores reside. They have over 1,000 products for sale and offer customers a variety of medical marijuana and recreational cannabis products, which include flower, topicals, CBD oil, edibles, vapes, prerolls, concentrates, and more! 

NuWu is the place to go and the place to be seen! This Native American Cannabis store often gets high rollers and even celebrities who need a Vegas treat to go. 

5. Green Chief Naturals

Green Chief Naturals Cannabis

This Native American dispensary located in Cornwall Island, Ontario, specializes in CBD products. It is licensed by the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. Green Chief Naturals’ goal is to provide its customers with an alternative option to health and wellness. The company ensures its customers are aware of the physical and mental health benefits that CBD can offer. 

Green Chief Naturals has a vast selection of CBD products and also offers CBD products for your furry friends. Customers can order online and also reap the benefits of tax-free purchases. Be on the lookout for their full recreational dispensary coming soon.

6. Seven Leaf

Seven Leaf Native Cannabis Companies


Seven Leaf is “the first 100% indigenous-owned and operated cannabis producer licensed by Health Canada on First Nation territory.” Its cannabis production facility, all 84,000 square feet of it, shares land with Green Chief Naturals on Akwesasne Mohawk land in Ontario. Seven Leaf’s leadership team comprises business and legal-minded professionals who have an appreciation for traditional medicines and want to share that opportunity with others. 

All practices at Seven Leaf are environmentally friendly. The company only grows high-quality products, and the owners are proud of their heritage and community, which shines through in everything they do. Their motto is “Happy people grow happy plants,” and this is obvious when browsing their website or stepping onto their property. 

Abram Benedict, the Grand Chief Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, stated in an interview on the opening of the production facility in 2019:

“The Mohawk Council of Akwesasne shares in the celebration of the licensing of Seven Leaf. We look forward to the positive contribution Seven Leaf will have on Akwesasne's economy and look forward to advancing our working relationship with Health Canada to ensure our common objectives are achieved.” 

While at this time, Seven Leaf does not have a recreational dispensary, it has had enormous success in the cannabis production world. Consider them one of the best options for Native American cannabis.

7. Indigenous Bloom

Native-owned Cannabis

Indigenous Bloom Indigenous Bloom is a co-operative of First Nation and indigenous peoples. They “consolidate long-term partnerships with First Nation and indigenous peoples on indigenous lands for the production and dispensing of medicinal hemp and cannabis products.”

This dispensary is a retailer of the Seven Leaf brand, which was mentioned above. They own several stores across Canada located in Penticton, White Rock, Portage la Prairie, Osoyoos, Oliver, Hope, Ladysmith, Abbotsford, and Smithers. 

Customers can browse Indigenous Bloom’s website and preorder an array of edibles, flower, extracts, accessories, and even bath and body products. Have you ever heard of CBD and THC bath bombs? Well, they have it! 

If you’re ever near those locations in British Columbia, check out Indigenous Bloom for all of your CBD and THC needs. 

8. Natural Wonders

Native-owned Cannabis

Natural Wonders was the first Native-owned dispensary in Oregon. The company was established in 2014 and has been thriving ever since. The dispensary offers flower, edibles, concentrates, topicals, vape pens, and other gear. They also offer two types of hybrid seeds, which some other stores do not sell to customers. 

The owners boast of Natural Wonders’ premier and consciously cultivated cannabis. While they do sell recreational cannabis, the store began as a medical program and bloomed from there. 

Their reviews online are wonderful—mostly stating how excellent the quality is, how friendly the staff is, and the great variety they have to offer customers. If you’re ever in the Southeast Portland area and looking for an excellent Native American cannabis company, stop by and say hi.

9. Oak Creek Dispensary

Oak Creek Cannabis

The Oak Creek Dispensary is a tax-free Native American cannabis and CBD store located in Independence, California, in the heart of the Sierra Nevada and Inyo Mountain ranges.

It is owned and operated by the Paiute people and the land is cared for by the Fort Independence Indian Community. The founders' main goal is to proudly continue their ancestors’ mission to protect and nourish their land, water and people.

Oak Creek's wide selection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, vape, concentrates, tincture, topicals, CBD and seeds are tax-free and locally grown. It also offers other merchandise and accessories. Oak Creek also provides the convenience of a drive-through, which not many dispensaries have. 

This dispensary has amazing reviews online. Many customers mention how affordable Oak Creek is and what a nice experience they had.

10. Oneida Organics

Native American Cannabis Companies

Discover your cannabis experience at Oneida Organics in Southwold, Ontario. When thefounders opened their first store in 2018, they had one goal in mind: to promote the healing and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. They also wanted to ensure that they uplifted and helped indigenous communities in the area. After almost four years of experience in the legalized dispensary business and five locations later, Oneida’s goal has come to fruition. 

Not only has Oneida Organics become a favorite dispensary in the area, but they also have shown they go above and beyond in the community. Over the past few years, they have sponsored and supported events, organized and hosted charity drives, and contributed to community events and children’s programs. 

Their shop is quite unique. It provides customers with the traditional type of cannabis products, but it also offers products for pets as well as skin and bath care for people to enjoy some self-care time. Oneida Organics is a must-visit, Native-owned dispensary in Ontario.


Supporting Native-owned and operated cannabis production facilities and dispensaries is important. Indigenous people have used plants as a part of ceremonies and medicinal healing for thousands of years. As cannabis has finally become legal in many areas of the United States and Canada, and tribes are allowed to legally grow and sell it on their land, economic success and sovereignty are finally happening for various communities. 

Becoming a conscious customer of Native American cannabis companies shows support in so many ways. You're not only financially supporting tribal communities and getting excellent cannabis products, you're also helping put indigenous companies on the map! These organizations appreciate your business, as they couldn't do what they do without your loyal patronage.

Whether you are personally interested in THC, hemp or CBD products or know people who are, check out of one of these Native American cannabis companies. You won’t be disappointed!


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Does anyone know of Native-owned cannabis stores in Canada? Thanks in advance.

Lena Joe

Swinomish tribal community in Washington also has a store called Salish Coast Cannabis in Anacortes, WA right next to the casino 😁😁

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