Native American Beadwork Zuni Beaded Spider-Man Zuni Beadwork – eBay find of the week

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Native American Beadwork Zuni Beaded Spider-Man Zuni Beadwork

Zuni artists, Farlan and Alesia Quetawki hand beaded this marvelous Spiderman.  Using one seed bead at a time, they flawlessly created this piece of beadwork with the peyote stitch.  A unique addition to your Zuni Beadwork or Native American art collection.

Signed : 6  1/4” tall x 2  5/8” long x 2  1/2” wide  

Zuni Pueblo is the largest pueblo in New Mexico, and because of its location, Zuni is the most traditional.  Most of the people of Zuni rely on the sale of traditional and contemporary arts and crafts.  Zuni Pueblo artists are known for their fine jewelry, distinguished pottery, unique fetish carvings, and much more.

































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