Miss Lumbee Suspended After Music Video Controversy

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown January 21st, 2016 Last Updated on: January 21st, 2016


The Lumbee Homecoming is held each summer and the Lumbee Regional Development Association is a proud sponsor of the event. They also have the honor of choosing a Miss Lumbee representative to serve as a cultural role model for their community. This past year they chose 20-year-old Alexis Raeana Jones as the winner of the title, and she has no doubt represented her community at many events.

However a recent cameo in a friend's music video led to some raised eyebrows in the community.

Here's a brief excerpt of an article about the controversy from the Robesonian:

The Lumbee Regional Development Association, which sponsors the annual Miss Lumbee pageant, suspended Jones’ services after learning of her appearance in a music video by Cliff Powell, a Pembroke rap artist who goes by the stage name Feli Fame.

Filmed outside Jeko’s Kwick Stop in Pembroke and posted Jan. 3 to YouTube, the video shows Jones in the passenger seat of a red sports car.

“The problem is the video’s message,” said James Hardin, executive director of LRDA. “We feel it has negative overtones.”

The song, “Big Face Hunnits,” is laden with profanity and includes descriptions of gun violence and sexual acts. According to Hardin, Jones told LRDA representatives during a meeting this week that she was unaware of the video’s “message” and that the lyrics were dubbed in after it was filmed.

Jones took to her YouTube channel to tell her side of the story and send an apology.

As with any pagaent, the winners are always on duty, and this includes activity on social media. The Robesonian points out this social media clause in a follow-up article on Jones.

A section pertaining to social media in the Miss Lumbee pageant application says that any “conduct found unbecoming by Lumbee Regional Development Association Inc. could result in [the contestant’s] disqualification from the competition.” Social media websites singled out in the section include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat but do not specifically mention YouTube.

“The board was disappointed that Ms. Jones made the decision to allow herself to be recorded and edited into something that she did not intend,” Dial said. “We felt that the suspension levied a penalty that would give her time to reflect on the high standard to which she is held during her reign.”

According to Dial, the board of directors reached its decision by “considering all the positives that Ms. Jones has accomplished during her reign.”

“I sincerely hope that this incident serves as a bright warning to our youth the trauma that social media could have on their bright futures,” he said.

Unfortunately this is the world we're living in today, so yes please take note kiddies! Watch how you use social media! Jones will be suspended until February 5, 2016.

In case you're interested, here's the music video in question. Obviously NSFW because of language.

Do you think the suspension is fair?

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Am I imagining things or did that song have the word “satan” being repeated in it???

Marvis Blackburn

Kawkeke, while it is certainly true that no one owns anyone else in the US,this woman had made an agreement and given her word to uphold certain standards. She chose to appear to endorse a group known for vulgarity and worse, thereby shaming the tribe and her position.
She is certainly free to do as she pleases, but doing as one pleases has consequences in terms of agreements, the law, keeping the respect of one’s community, etc. I learned that from being Choctaw and not doing anything to bring shame on the tribe.


If we keep allowing people that represent anything to lose moral direction we will lose a generation of children that look up to these people to the filth and hatred of this world. Lord have mercy on us!!!


It’s just a video. Hopefully
Everyone stops thinking negative.Life is great.its what u make of it. Oh and nobody owns her life.nobody owns nobody.Free country and I’ve learned that from being Kickapoo and proud of it!!


I would not hold anything against her, but she should have known that a rap video was being made. She should have read the lyrics and agreed or not. Sh should have contacted the organization. There is a lot of should haves. The only thing that matters is if she feels it is something that she should have done… don’t do it.


Her suspension is fair. Its obvious she knew wut the video was about. Not a good representation of our native people, were not about that life.

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