MIDNIGHT SHINE: New voices, Now voices

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“Some of the music is about who I am and where I come from,” Adrian Sutherland explains. “I've always wanted to share some of my background and beliefs through the platform of music. Everybody has a story and I think it's important for First Nations people to shed positive light on our culture and values.” Sutherland is part of Midnight Shine, a dynamic band that is taking Canada by storm and building a fan base all over the world.  They recently released a new single, “Since You Been Gone”.

Listen to Since You Been Gone on SoundCloud


Q: Well, I'm sure we're all wondering where you got your name? It's lovely!

A:The name Midnight Shine is highly appropriate, given that the band and their music shine a bright and positive light on a place too often depicted as dark and troubled.

Q: Your music is definitely making an impact! How did you start?

A: When Canadian rock legends Trooper invited singer/songwriter Adrian Sutherland to open their Timmins concert in 2011, there was one condition: that he performs with a band. So Sutherland pulled together Zach Tomatuk (guitar), Stan Louttit (bass), and George Gillies (drums), and Midnight Shine came to be.

Q: So once the band was formed, how did its signature sound develop?

A: Their fresh sound has been captured on Midnight Shine, their just-released debut that is already garnering solid sales and positive reviews. The disc was recorded at Toronto's elite Noble Street Studios with acclaimed award-winning producer Douglas Romanow (Michael Pickett, The Satellites). His production expertise and keyboard work gave the emerging Midnight Shine sound a thorough polish.


Q: Stunning! What makes the sound of this band unique? What sets it apart from other artists?

A: A strong sense of melody is at the heart of all Midnight Shine's material, partially attributable to Sutherland's background as a solo singer/songwriter who is used to crafting songs on acoustic guitar. The nine tracks on Midnight Shine range from the radio-friendly Since You Been Gone and resonating rock ballad Small Town Girl, through the hook-laden riffs of Indian In Disguise  andWorth The Fight, to the rootsy James Bay and Neil Young-like Mooshum (Grandfather).

Q: Does Native identity and heritage also contribute to this standout sound?

A: Helping set Midnight Shine apart from other Canadian rock bands is Adrian Sutherland's lyrical explorations of his First Nations’ identity. He hails from the northern Ontario community of Attawapiskat (with bandmates from other First Nations in the region) and draws upon his experiences in his songs.


Q: How so?

A: In addition to making contemporary rock music, Sutherland sings in a traditional drum group, takes part in ceremonies, and is a genuine example of someone who lives and pays homage to his culture. He cares about his people of the north, figuratively as well as literally, through his work as a paramedic, and his job as Chief Operations Officer for economic development in his community. He is proud of who he is, and where he comes from.

Q: Terrific! Guess we should snipe out this new group for ourselves! Where can we find you?

A: Listen to Since You Been Gone on SoundCloud





Adrian Sutherland performing acoustic: Since You’ve Been Gone

Adrian Sutherland performing acoustic: Save My Life

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