Metal Mayhem from the Rosebud Rez: Lost in Irrelevance!

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Lost in Irrelevance!

Lost in Irrelevance!

Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, PhD.

Lost in Irrelevance is a powerful band from the Rosebud Reservation. Metal, in various varieties, is the focus of their mighty music. Recently, this rising star band reflected on their music, culture, and stage shows in a visit with Powwows.com!

Lost in Irrelevance Live!

Lost in Irrelevance Live!

Q) Hello “Lost in Irrelevance”! Will you please introduce yourself to us? What do you want us to know about you?

A) Well, Lost In Irrelevance consists of Shane LaPointe, Terry Gregg, Jim Robertson and Corey Bettleyoun. We formed a few years ago and had band mates come and left, but that hasn't stopped us from wanting to pursue doing what we love doing. Writing music, mostly in the forms of Death, Thrash, and Melodic Death metal. All of us have different influences that inspired us to do
what we do.

Q) And you are still following that inspiration! Tell us about your journey in music?

A) Our journey in music is kind of broad, from telling stories to the stresses of daily life that impact the mind. From loss to finding a new light to live by, in a sense of saying. The mind can produce so many different images and stories that we try to put into words and sound.

Q) How did you start performing? What are some of your favorite accomplishments? Please give us the highlight reel!

A) As a band we formed in late 2009 and tried to find a steady line up . Our first shows were battle of the bands and local performances. We got around to perform in Harrisburg ,Martin, and Pine Ridge.

We are looking forward to playing more shows around and outside of the state.

Q)Well,you know how important our Native culture is to us at Powwows.com! How does your Native heritage impact your creativity and musical career?

A) I am proud of our heritage, it inspires us to keep pushing forward. Many tribes have endured hardships and the has taught me to keep pushing forward. I have a lot of respect for our elders, for they pass on stories and wisdom. It gives good lessons to live by.
Culturally, I can't give a good explanation of our stand point. From religions that were forced upon Native Americans, stories of loss and self renewal, some comical stories. It's a mix of random inspirations that drive us.

Q) Considering your Native traditions and beyond…What do you hope your music does in the lives of your listeners?

A) Practicing a way of life gives hope and optimism to look toward a better future.
With our songs, we would like to make you laugh, share some of our life experiences, share a moment of clarity, and tell stories. Some people can enjoy the lyrics or enjoy the sounds that reach out to them.

LII is powerful Metal from the Rosebud Rez!

LII is powerful Metal from the Rosebud Rez!

Q) What's your biggest obstacle you've had to face on your musical path?

A) My biggest obstacle is performing. When I take the stage, I always get an uncomfortable feeling, like, what if they don't like what they hear? What if I do something wrong? What if they like it?
So many questions plague my mind before I perform. I get sick and a little dizzy before I perform, but I don't let that stop me from trying to put on a good show. Who isn't plagued by anxieties when trying to put up everything for the world to see? As a performer, there is a lot that is going on. I am an introvert and yet, I love performing.

Q) Who are some of your favorite musicians? Why?

A) I like alot of music. My main influences are In Flames, Slayer, The Black Dahlia Murder, Skid Row, and alot of bands I have had the privilege of performing with. Every one has an influence in their life that played a pivotal moment in their life. I prefer metal music above all else just about, but that does not stop me from listening to other forms of music.

Q) If you could offer any advice to someone who would like to learn more and possibly start performing,what would it be?

A) Practice, practice, practice. Every band should know this.

Write what you want. After all, it is YOUR MUSIC, your soul that your putting into it.

Q) What would you like us to know that we don't already know about you?|

A) The whole 9 yards? Well, where to start? Yea, there is a lot going on and I choose to be part of the enigmatic flow we call life. I love what I love, like what I like, and ignore most negativity that comes my way. My mother taught me to be strong, my grandfather gave me wisdom, my grandmother gave me courage, my friends taught me attitude, and my cat taught me patience . . . I know I have my imperfections, and I aim to try and make those my strong points.

Q) Thank You!We invite everyone to “like” your LOST IN IRRELEVANCE fanpage on Facebook!
A) Thanks to all who are taking the time reading this. It is time well spent or wasted, your call!Hahaha!

Like the LOST IN IRRELEVANCE fan page on Facebook!

Like the LOST IN IRRELEVANCE fan page on Facebook!


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