Mending the Sacred Circle through NATIVE HOOP

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Interview by Dr Dawn Karima, Native American Culture Editor

Q) Natives supporting Natives! That's what I love about Native Hoop! You're always so positive! What's on your mind these days?

A) Always working for our Native People. I just want to throw this out to everyone and share things about Native Hoop and Native Hoop Magazine. Native Hoop organization operates freely online. We live up to our mission statement as much as we can. You see we don’t have a budget; we don’t have a source of income. If you stop and think about it, we don’t have much of anything we can actually call revenue.
Everything we do is a labor of love for our Native relations.

Q) Remarkable! So, I know that uplifting our people matters to you, but what exactly is the Mission for Native Hoop?

A) Native Hoop Mission Statement
1. To promote the many talents of our People in a good way.
2. To find or create opportunities for our People to be Heard, Seen, or Read.

Q) Straightforward and direct. How you implementing your mission in your work?

A) These 2 simple statements has been the driving force behind many of our projects and our networks.
We’ve been fortunate to meet so many people while building our network of People.
A few years ago I read a story about how our People are invisible to mainstream America and it was from this story I started working on building an organization that can help put more of our People out front.

Q) You know, it's refreshing to see someone focus on solutions instead of on problems.

A) I feel like we need to do more together in creating more outlets, more magazines, and more opportunities of and for exposure for our People. Not just us but everyone working together.
We are actually a for profit business that has never made any money from our projects. Most times we work in the background helping more people than being out front bragging about it. Sometimes I wish we had become a nonprofit but there are too many constraints in operating a nonprofit.

Q) What do you see as the role of Native Hoop now?

A) Our job is actually promoting our people throughout our networks of people networking together.
Our team puts in tons of hours helping to create an outlet or promoting other people, or publications for the People.

NATIVE HOOP  http://www.magcloud.com/browse/magazine/474324


Q) You work so hard and do so many projects. Who makes Native Hoop possible?

A) As with Native Hoop Magazine, all of us are volunteers, editors, photographers, layout, graphic artists, writers, and even our advertisers who are just starting out in their businesses. None of us are paid to do this for you. We come together to bring our People a magazine for free as a digital download or a free read on site. We are fortunate if a few people buy our magazine issues.
We use the Magcloud website to publish our magazine through which charges us 20 cents per published printed page so if we are running 90-120 pages that month, you’re looking at roughly 20-25.00 per issue of which we are lucky to charge between .50 to 1.00 markup in the price of which I remind people to download it for free or read it for free.
I can’t see how we can encourage people to buy an expensive magazine because most of our people including myself can’t afford paying 25.00 per issue.
Our writers have creative control over their articles, storylines, or topics as long as they meet our requirements which are pretty simple.

Q) Generosity and Humility are core values of our Native Nations. We see how you promote generosity by giving…how do you implement humility?

A) Our Standards keep Native Hoop positive.
No Bashing,
No New Age
No Teaching of Ceremonies
Aside from that the articles are 800 words or less course sometimes we make exceptions. All articles are due on the 15th of each month.

Q) What is a typical day like for Native Hoop?

A) We help provide an outlet to promote our people, to help get their message out to the world. We do this because it’s something that we love doing for our people not because we’re into being the most popular, or the most prestige, or power or money. Everyone working on the projects have a regular job or taking care of their families.
In our spare time we look for content, pictures, people to interview, new businesses needing a little extra help in getting off the ground. It gives us a type of fulfillment in knowing we can help our people by doing something small and that turns into something big for their families.

Q) What motivates you to help others so consistently?

A) Truth is we love our people and we love our families and we want the best for both. So this is why we created this magazine, Native Hoop Magazine.
This is why we do what we do for our People because if it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here today. You have supported many of our projects and our publications.

Q) Thank you so much!

A) Thank you!

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