Meet Tara Houska – Bernie Sander’s Native American Advisor

Posted By Paul G March 3rd, 2016 Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2016

Tara Houska is Ojibwe from Couchiching First Nation. She is a tribal attorney in Washington, D.C., the National Campaigns Director for Honor the Earth, and a founding member of NotYourMascots.org.

Bernie Sanders has named Tara his Native American Advisor.  Senator Sanders has listed his Native American policies on his website.

These policies include:

Bernie co-sponsored the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, which would give each tribal government jurisdiction over domestic violence crimes and provide funding for tribal criminal justice systems and victim services.

Bernie vehemently opposes the pipeline. Learn more about his environmental policies at theEarth & The Environment category page.

Bernie signed a formal congressional letter denouncing name of the Washington Redskins as racist and urged the NFL to push to rename the team.

Bernie voted for Healthcare for Indigenous Peoples to take a wide variety of actions to address healthcare issues facing Native Americans. Learn more about Bernie’s work around increasing the social safety net — including healthcare — for all Americans at the category page here.

Will this make a difference for you?

Meet Tara Houska, Bernie Sanders’s New Native American AdvisorNative Americans often feel like invisible members of society. Tara Houska, Bernie Sanders's new Native American advisor, is out to change that.

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Photo courtesy of Tara Houska's Facebook profile.

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william m. parker

hey “ALL” the government bills done mean much….it ha to get to the people….the government doesn’t understand how difficult it is living on $1070 monthly or less….and the reservation government is worst then Washington DC government but both governments are suppose to work for the people….

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