Meet Kaya – American Girl Doll Giveaway

Meet Kaya – American Girl Doll Giveaway

Posted By Paul G May 31st, 2017 Blog

Did you know that American Girl has a Native American doll named Kaya?

We recently discovered Kaya on a trip to the Mall of America.

Read more about Kaya and learn her story!

Thanks to American Girl, we have a Kaya doll to giveaway!!

Enter to win below. Β The more you enter, the more chances you have to win.


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59 thoughts on “Meet Kaya – American Girl Doll Giveaway

  1. Crissie Woolard says:

    She is so pretty. My daughter would go crazy over her. Thank you so much for the chance to win a Maisie, fun generous giveaway

    • I would love to have kaya because I’m obsessed with American dolls and I am studying about it at school so I hope I get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Emily Smith says:

    I’ve always wanted Kaya for the longest time! I had no idea she was the most authentic in depicting Native culture! She’s beautiful!

  3. Emily Smith says:

    I would absolutely love Kaya! I have a few American Girl dolls and a couple that are discontinued. I would love to add Kaya to it!

  4. Emily Smith says:

    I’m for anything that depicts Native culture accurately. They did a fantastic job in doing so. I would love Kaya!

  5. Sheena Cardinal says:

    She is a beautiful doll ,I would love to give her to my daughter .

  6. Cynthia Garcera says:

    Absolutely love the fact that this doll shares me and my family’s culture with others. Just wondering if being a tribal member of the Nez Perce Tribe, would I have the possibility to obtain this doll for free?

  7. Felicia McCullough says:

    I would love this doll for my granddaughters to share and learn about Native American culture and beauty! We are from the Blackfoot Tribe!

  8. osiyo would love to own Kaya she has such beauty, I would save her just to look at, for she looks like a part of me, I am Cherokee

  9. Karla Button says:

    i would like to give this to my daughter that someday she can pass this on to her own daughter, my granddaughter. This would be from me to the next female generations of my family.

  10. Bridget Ware says:

    She is beautiful and I have just the little girl who would love her and her wonderful story! Thank you

  11. Charlene Wright says:

    Love this. Have had a long interest in Native American cultures.

  12. Would love to have Kaya even if I don’t win is she for sale I’ve collected these dolls my whole life . When I was a young girl my grandmother gave me three dolls & her squaw dresses & concho boots & belts & jewelry bracelet & tings however in 1972 our house burned down & I lost everything my grandmother gave me still heart broken because it can’t be replaced ever but it never killed my spirit to still collect what I can if I can afford to that gets to be the tough part . Now having granddaughter of my own would love to pass down things they could cherish which is part of there culture also thank you

  13. I have a doll collection that my dad started. My auntie sent a Native doll from upstate New York and later a white suede and fur Eskimo mother and baby from Sitka, Alaska. I loved the American Girl dolls but could not afford one. I would take very good care of Kaya and I promise she would not be lonely!

  14. Barbara McConnell says:

    I collect American Indians dolls. I would love and behoner to win her.

  15. Shawny Herr says:

    I love native American dolls …they are absolutely beautiful !!!! Would love to add Kaya to my other native American doll I have

  16. Jo Vigil says:

    I wanted to get this very doll for my daughter with a head injury. Unfortunately it was out of our price range. We would love to win this doll. I am sure there are children more deserving than us but we would love to have her. She is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for your consideration.

  17. Cathrine Smith says:

    I adopted my daughter from Foster care and we were told she has Indian Heritage. I would love to win this doll for her. Her birthday is in July and this would make a great birthday present

  18. Jerry Nolen says:

    My mother collects and loves all things native american, because it’s in our blood, this would be a nice gift!

  19. Any of our granddaughters would so love this doll. I’v been teaching them about their heritage. Thank you for this chance.

  20. Frank troise says:

    I would like her my granddaughter collects them and love to have her.

  21. Heather Paulette says:

    I’ve tried to leave my email address & it does nothing it doesn’t show that my vote has been counted. I would love to win her cause I’m Native American myself “Cherokee.” She would be a wonderful addition to all of my other Native American Doll’s, she would fit in nicely, but if I can’t put my votes in how can I vote?

  22. My daughter Sarah Grace would love this doll as all friends have their collections and as a widow and owner of my husbands “Creation Sanctuary” of 75 of his proud Peacocks, Geese and Emus, I can’t afford one and being the humble child of God she is, would tell me to feed the animals with the money, truly . I know the Spirit provides for all of us that believe and if this is in His will it will be! Thank you and have a grateful day!

  23. My granddaughter would love this! Her grandfather’s grandmother was 1/4 Passamaquoddy. Her grandfather is a basket weaver, but not as intricate as the Native Americans.

  24. Jan Stulich says:

    She’s beautiful. So much detail. Would love to win for my granddaughter.

  25. C Carson says:

    My great niece Kaiah(same pronunciation) would absolutely love this Kaya…She’s graduating from 6th grade this year and she loves horses as well. Would love to have her win this doll & be able to study her native culture as well..She also likes to design clothing & is very,very talented; & the books sounds very interesting. It’s about time they published the truth for young people ( as well as older ones) to read & study the truth about this nation.

  26. osiyo I would love to own Kaya, she has such beauty, and all native dolls has a story to tell, by just looking at her, I have others I save, and all of them are made with the spirit of the maker, wado

  27. Lori Stewart says:

    Would love to win this for my granddaughter. She loves reading about stories from the history of the world!!!

  28. Lori Stewart says:

    Would love to win this for my granddaughter. She is very interested in history and loves listening to the stories that go along with dolls!!!

  29. Beauitful would enjoy having for my collection bought on for granddaughter when they first came out she still has her

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