McDonalds Indian Box – I’m NOT loving it !!!

McDonalds Indian Box – I’m NOT loving it !!!

Posted By Charlie Ballard November 2nd, 2017 Blog

Thank God Baseball season has finally come to a close.  Making news in a bad way was a new McDonalds promotional item called, “Mickey D's Indians Dinner Box”, which includes 2 Big Macs, 2 cheeseburgers, 4 small fries, and 10 piece nuggets. This limited combo could be found at various McDonalds in the Ohio region where the Cleveland Indians Baseball organization is based.

We get it, we understand that this is a limited promotional food item for sports fans but why does their, “Mickey D's Indians Dinner Box”, have to be packed for a family of 100? Dang, it's no wonder that eating this much fast food can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.  There's just a bad association between Native people and high processed foods, all because of the word, “Indians”, is on the side of the box.

Is it weird that McDonalds is associating an already inflamed sports caricature with a group of people that struggle with a government ration diet lifestyle, but why not create a healthy alternative dinner box that accurately reflects the movement our Native communities have been  changing to like a, “Mickey D's Decolonized Indigenous Dinner Box”, that include 4 dinner salads, 4 parfaits, 4 apple slices packages & 4 bottles of water?  Some of the Non-Natives reading this blog are probably thinking, “wow, thats a lot of fours” , don't worry, its a Native thing. (winks)

And hey, McDonald's, did you really have to appropriate other menu items such as the Szechuan dipping sauce & Sriracha mac sauce! MMMmmmm…. I can just taste whats left of my dignity.

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3 thoughts on “McDonalds Indian Box – I’m NOT loving it !!!

  1. I am not a fan of Native American names or nick names used for anything. This country desimated our culture and people. It is an insult to everyone. McDonald’s PLEASE DISCONTINUE THIS ABOMINABLE PROMOTION.

  2. Brandon Brock says:

    Am I to understand we’re upset with McDonald’s for making us feel badly about our own poor choices in food?

    I would think we’d need to take responsibility for that one.

    If we’re upset about them naming the box after us, well, they didn’t. They named it after the team. If they were the Sharks, it would have been the Sharks box.

    I think there are real issues that face natives and we don’t have to fabricate them out of nothing more than hurt feelings. This one seems like a real non-issue to me, at least.

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