Matrilineal Societies – Women with Power and Respect

Matrilineal Societies – Women with Power and Respect

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A lot of Native American tribes were matrilineal instead of the typical patrilineal societies you see from Europe. This meant that you were descended from your mother's clan, not your father's. It was also meant the women were involved in the decision-making process for the greater good of the tribe. Some of the more well-known matrilineal socieites are the Lenape, Hopi and Iroquois. The Chickasaw were also a matrilineal society and Chickasaw.TV has a lot of great videos on the subject.



In this first video Jeannie Barbour explains that southeastern tribes share a matrilineal societal organization:

In this video Joshua Hinson talks about how traditionally Chickasaw heritage descended solely from the female:

Jeannie Barbour notes the role of Chickasaw women in battle as communicators and strategists:

The matrilineal structure meant most property belonged to Chickasaw women, not men. When they moved to Indian Territory some Choctaw men wanted to marry these women for their wealth, making the Chickasaw worry about potentially losing their identity.

For more educational videos please visit Chickasaw.TV.

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19 thoughts on “Matrilineal Societies – Women with Power and Respect

  1. It is MATRIACHAL NOT MATRILINEAL. I was raised matriachal. Many white males not all have a huge resentment towards women like this. If they have weak egos, or low self esteem watch out! As a young girl, you are raised with a strong sense of self, inner strength, and inner knowing for starters.

    Tribes who had a matriachal society paid heavily for it. White women many not all are so brain washed to be held under the thumb. I have been considered not only threatening, but highly intimidating because of how I was raised. It is stupefying how much time, money, energy, and resources have been used to not only attempt to break my spirit, but destroy the women in my family as well as the men who instilled this in me.

    I have had many attempt to treat me like I am a subservient slave, and other ways to demean, and degrade because of the fear of dealing with something very foreign to them , or the strong need to do whatever it takes to bring someone down low enough to gain a sense of control. Society and its constant enigma.

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