Manito Ahbee Pow Wow 2014

Posted By Becky Hope October 31st, 2014 Last Updated on: October 31st, 2014

Category Name Place
Golden Age Mens Fancy / Grass Ivani Lonnechild 1
Golden Age Mens Fancy / Grass Royce King Bird 2
Golden Age Mens Fancy / Grass Crazy Horse Bison 3
Golden Age Mens Fancy / Grass Joe Thunderchild 4
Golden Age Mens Fancy / Grass Dave Kabesra 5
Golden Age Jingle/ Fancy Irene Oakes 1
Golden Age Jingle/ Fancy Lilian Gadwa 2
Golden Age Jingle/ Fancy Hazel Joseph 3
Golden Age Jingle/ Fancy Hazel Joseph 4
Golden Age Jingle/ Fancy Doreen Skeed 5
Elder Men 70+ Stanley Bird 1
Elder Men 70+ Wilson Roberts 2
Elder Men 70+ Randolph Pashe 3
Elder Men 70+ Joe Morrisette 4
Elder Women 70+ Evelyn Tom 1
Elder Women 70+ Vera Kingbird 2
Elder Women 70+ Eliza Bird 3
Elder Women 70+ Harret Prince 4
Elder Women 70+ Ula Hotomans 5
Sr Mens Chicken Bobby Badger SR 1
Sr Mens Chicken Dale Mckay 2
Sr Mens Chicken Chris Long Claws 3
Sr Mens Chicken Clande Friday 4
Sr Mens Traditional Ardell Scalplock 1
Sr Mens Traditional Vee WhiteHorse 2
Sr Mens Traditional Bobby Hunter 3
Sr Mens Traditional Kevin Tacan 4
Sr Men Grass Terrance Mcnab 1
Sr Men Grass JR Good Dog 2
Sr Men Grass Russell Young Bird 3
Sr Men Grass Jason Skani 4
Sr Men Grass Jeff Downg 5
Sr Mens Fancy Larson Yellowbird 1
Sr Mens Fancy Sim ThunderChild 2
Sr Mens Fancy Landing Eagle Go Forth 3
Sr Mens Fancy Clyton Crawford 4
Sr Mens Fancy Terrance Brown 5
Sr Womens Fancy Grace Her many Horses 1
Sr Womens Fancy Candace Gadwa 2


Sr Womens Fancy Lisa Ewack 3
Sr Womens Fancy Delores Gabbard 4
Sr Womens Fancy Michelle Lonechild 5
Sr Womans Traditional Tosha Spottedtail 1
Sr Womans Traditional Gane Top Sky 2
Sr Womans Traditional Dee Ledoux 3
Sr Womans Traditional Mary Laou Ducharime 4
Sr Womans Traditional Raylene Hunter 5
Sr Womens Jingle Melinda Goodwill 1
Sr Womens Jingle Rowena Roberts 2
Sr Womens Jingle Cynthia Wood 3
Sr Womens Jingle Neepekin Hunt 4
Sr Womens Jingle Tanya Tootoosis 5
JR Men's Traditional Eli Snow 1
JR Men's Traditional Zane Tacan 2
JR Men's Traditional Adrian Klein 3
JR Men's Traditional Darius Isnana 4
JR Men's Traditional Rising Sun Kaysaywayemat 5
JR. Men's Chicken Rooster Topsky 1
JR. Men's Chicken Lance Mcnab 2
JR. Men's Chicken Tood Papequash 3
JR. Men's Chicken Lee Good Man Jr 4
JR. Men's Chicken Peanut Roberts 5
JR Women's Fancy Jocy Bird 1
JR Women's Fancy Laryn Oakes 2
JR Women's Fancy Tishana Oakes 3
JR Women's Fancy Kaitly Mcarthur 4
JR Women's Fancy Sky Whiteman 5


JR. Women's Jingle Mallory Oakes 1
JR. Women's Jingle Kit Natanis Largo 2
JR. Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 3
JR. Women's Jingle Shawna Olson 4
JR. Women's Jingle Cryina Bull 5
JR. Women's Traditional Ranch Bird 1
JR. Women's Traditional Arianna Greencrow 2
JR. Women's Traditional Tierra Labell 3
JR. Women's Traditional Caspe Abbey 4
JR. Women's Traditional Mranda Obey 5
JR. Men's Fancy Kenny Pratt Jr 1
JR. Men's Fancy Teddy Bison 2
JR. Men's Fancy Nigel Skyler 3
JR. Men's Fancy Shorty Crawford 4
JR. Men's Fancy Jason Taylor 5
Teen Boy's Chicken Wayland Mistickokat 1
Teen Boy's Chicken Brayden Severight 2
Teen Boy's Chicken Travis Henry 3
Teen Boy's Chicken CJ Thunderspirit 4
Teen Boy's Chicken Jack Peyachen 5
Teen Girl's Traditional Layla Good eagle 1
Teen Girl's Traditional Kaleigh Starbalnket 2
Teen Girl's Traditional Tatayannah Bull 3
Teen Girl's Traditional Shalyn Poorman 4
Teen Girl's Traditional Jacque Hinting Hawk 5
Teen Boy's Fancy Jessup Yazze 1
Teen Boy's Fancy Darian Brown 2
Teen Boy's Fancy Sincere Toto 3
Teen Boy's Fancy Keanu Noon 4
Teen Boy's Fancy Pita Thunderchild 5
Teen Boy's Grass Charles Lasley 1
Teen Boy's Grass Casey Smith 2
Teen Boy's Grass CJ Thomson 3
Teen Boy's Grass Cree White 4
Teen Boy's Grass Treian Whitehead 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Teddy Yuzicappi 1
Teen Boy's Traditional Trevor Starr 2
Teen Boy's Traditional Marlin Dickenson JR 3
Teen Boy's Traditional Kelsey Starblanket 4
Teen Boy's Traditional Morley Taylor 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Kaigan Alson 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Tia Wood 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Kanses Thompson 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Kyla Henry 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Sierra White 5
Teen Girl's Fancy Tatiyana Brown 1
Teen Girl's Fancy Oke- Twisha Roberts 2
Teen Girl's Fancy Madison Baptiste 3
Teen Girl's Fancy Prarie Rose Littletent 4
Teen Girl's Fancy Siena Goforth 5
Junior Boy's Fancy Skychild Michell 1
Junior Boy's Fancy Brenden Patrick 2
Junior Boy's Fancy Cole Patrick 3
Junior Boy's Fancy Jovi Starblanket 4
Junior Boy's Fancy Lagon Taylor 5
Junior Girl's Fancy Landis Raon 1
Junior Girl's Fancy Harmony Speidel 2
Junior Girl's Fancy Kaylen Topsky 3
Junior Girl's Fancy Deminaye meeches 4
Junior Girl's Fancy Mikwaria Harris 5
Junior Girl's Traditional Tessa Holds The Enemyias 1
Junior Girl's Traditional Shundeen Whitehorse 2


Junior Girl's Traditional Amya GoodEagle 3


Junior Girl's Traditional Penny Campeau 4


Junior Girl's Traditional Aurora Nelson 5


Junior Girl's Jingle Yanasah WhiteHorse 1
Junior Girl's Jingle Serene Oakes 2


Junior Girl's Jingle Chante Speidel 3


Junior Girl's Jingle Emma Missyabit 4


Junior Girl's Jingle Candy Campeau 5


Junior Boy's Grass Colter Cook 1


Junior Boy's Grass Mujutheen Robert 2


Junior Boy's Grass Laz Nepoose 3



Junior Boy's Grass Tai( TY) Bird 4


Junior Boy's Grass Rayden Mcanab 5


Men's Golden Age Traditional Timothy Easthappie SR 1


Men's Golden Age Traditional Mike Laliberte 2


Men's Golden Age Traditional Denis Francis 3


Men's Golden Age Traditional Cecil Nepoose 4


Men's Golden Age Traditional Abigposs Wilfred 5


Women's Golden Age Linda Standing 1



Women's Golden Age Sharon Roberts 2


Women's Golden Age Donna Pratt 3


Women's Golden Age Dorothy Myd 4


Women's Golden Age Georgina Henry 5


Junior Boy's traditional Hayden Mcarthur 1


Junior Boy's traditional Blaze Standing Ready 2


Junior Boy's traditional William Kaysaywaysema 3


Junior Boy's traditional Stacy Kiycwakan 4


Junior Boy's traditional Joaquin Ronning 5


Junior Boy's Chicken Deo Topsky 1


Junior Boy's Chicken Dammy Antone 2


Junior Boy's Chicken Tavon Mc Corrister 3

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