Maccniph….Magnificent Modoc/Pit River/Tolowa Hip Hop!

Posted By PowWows.com September 29th, 2015 Last Updated on: January 20th, 2016

Say it out loud…”Maccniph” and you'll hear the start of the word “Magnificent”. This emerging Modoc/Pit River/Tolowa artist is sharing his vision of prosperity and encouraging Indigenous communities to aspire to financial stability with his hit single “Rise Above Poverty.” His distinctive California sound is sweeping the West Coast and beyond.


Q) Wow! Things are really moving for you! Any special happenings lately?

A) Every performance so far has their own special memories, I really loved The Indigenous Artist Activist Awards Performance, I learned a lot by watching others on stage even though I didn't have enough time to perform that night. That is how it goes since sometimes the venue has a curfew or is only rented for a certain time slot.

Q) Lesson learned, right? What other lessons have you learned? Good and bad?

A) Wish I knew the excitement and energy created by my performances that would have helped me shape my performance better. I'm glad I didn't know the bad promoters out there who can ruin a artist or venue by poor promotion since it is very frustrating to show up and see only ten people are there.


Q) As you learn these lessons, you've been putting out some cool music! Tell us how to hear you?

A) My awesome cds are my debut freshmen mix tape release on Soundcloud. Called “GettFURTHER” it means to gett further. For Promotion purposes you can find my Free Download on http://www.soundcloud.com/macc-meeze

Q) Great! What's the next?

A) My NEW mix tape release is coming soon “GryndThyme” Grynd Thyme. 2016 featuring my hit street single “RizeAbovePoverty” Rize Above Poverty.

Q) Oh I so love that song! The vision and the message are both so uplifting! You really strike a balance between telling folks to honor our origins while aspiring to prosperity! How did you know that music was your passion?

A) How I knew music was my passion, was when I listened and watched Michael Jackson perform on Stage and realized I was capable of changing people's lives by inspirational music.

Q) How did you start to actually make music?

A) I first watched the movie Beat Street and my lil sister had a princess keyboard, and I started playing interesting music on it.  So, I am Self Taught.

Q) As you taught yourself music, did you include your Native Culture in it?

A) Native American Culture is in my music at many times. If you listen you tend to get the Idea that I'm Native American and that I'm a Warrior who is Spiritual. I have many Ideas and Views that only a Native American could have.

Q) What about Native tradition? Will we notice that in your songs?

A) Native Tradition has not been included in my music only for the fact that I have a real Urban Feel and not really traditional sound. Although my Signature “SAUCY PHLOW” is derived from traditional Native Story Telling.

Q) Your music reflects many of your experiences, so are there any accomplishments that you consider especially precious?

A) My Accomplishments and Awards are dear to me. I'm not in Prison, I'm not homeless anymore, I'm positive in my lifestyle and I'm pushing Heavy Issues with my music inspiring many lives and opening doors in hiphop that someday I will be recognized for in many ways.

Q) In addition to the open doors, what else do your achievements mean to your music career?

A) They mean more motivation to make NEW and Improved Native HipHop.

Q) Wise words! You have a lovely wife and family as well! A good family man is a good role model!

A) Thank you, they mean everything to me! You are very Great!Thank you Very Much. This is just the beginning.

Q) Thank you very much!

A) Thank You, it has been an Honor too have an AMAZING interview with the Fantastic Dawn Karima.

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Gangsta Leene

Thank You Dawn Karima, you are one of a kind. #StayBLESSED and #StaySUCCESSFUL

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