Lil Mike and Funny Bone Cut From America’s Got Talent

Posted By Paul G July 18th, 2013 Last Updated on: July 18th, 2013

Earlier this week we featured the story of rapping group Mike Bone.

Last night on America's Got Talent the two make their appearance in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately the judges felt the two were not prepared and sent the brothers home.

We hope the exposure from the national audience will propel this group forward!  Good luck to Mike Bone!

Watch the video from Las Vegas.

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Mchael swan

Some thing is wrong I think they did a good job

tiffany reyes soto

I gonna be in next year on amerias got talent about tv show I talk to you because you two is cuties and fun lil mike and funny bone .

tiffany reyes soto

I love to talk to you my little wonderful man

tiffany reyes soto

rain dance is my boyfriend


Man the judges are tough. One mistake and you go home. I still think these guys can make it another way.


They sucked what a embarrassment, they fkd up letting them pass the first time, there never gonna move up from the flea market where they sell there cds lol


I really wished Mike Bone took this second round more seriously. I wanted them to succeed. In the beginning Lil Mike asks Funny Bone to go practice one more time and Funny Bone say’s, “I really don’t feel like practicing tho.” They end their performance by saying, “Yeah,Native pride!” Then Howard Stern says, “Little Mikey and Funny Bone were not prepared!…We voted unanimously. We feel you didnt prepare and you didn’t take is seriously.” I have to agree.

To take it up a to that level of professionalism you have to prepare! This is life! It is a good lesson learned. They are a good act for smaller audiences but when they bring their act to national television, they need to bring their A game! They are diamonds in the rough.

Still, I was proud of Mike Bone for bringing it to a national audience. I wish them luck in their future endeavors! Way to go!

Hehaka wakan mani

I do not blame the judges for cutting these boys, it was obvious they were not prepared. In native country we have what is called team dancing, and I think if these talented young brothers added this to their act with a little native powwow song in the mix who’s to say what could happen. They definitely have talent. Lokkin forward to hearin more from them.


That SUCKS! However, I truly believe that Lil Mike and Funny Bone will go on to do BIG things!

LouAnn S.

They might not have lived up to the show’s expectations, but I applaud the brothers for having put their best forward for all of America to see, especially being native American.

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