Let’s Help This Native Actress Beat Cancer!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown September 22nd, 2014 Last Updated on: September 22nd, 2014


Brianna Womick is an actress, stunt performer, & dancer from Illinois of Massawomeck (Mohawk) and Cherokee descent. She has been performing from the time she was 3 years old on stage, on camera, & in front of live audiences in large venues all over the country.


Brianna's acting & stunts include films such as “All Cheerleaders Die” as a cheerleader & principal stunt double, the lead actress & stunt performer on “NRA College Party”, a Native American biker on “Swelter” starring Alfred Molina & Jean Claude Van Damme, the indie film “Starry Eyes”, & more.


As a professional dancer she has worked on films & TV series such as “Bratz”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “The House Bunny”, “Get Him to the Greek”, “Faster”, “Two and a Half Men”, “Cold Case” & many others. She has also done several music videos & danced for artists like LL Cool J, Janet Jackson, was a ballet dancer for The Minnesota State Ballet Company, & a National Dance Champion for the largest dance competition in the country.

She can be seen as Danica Patrick's dance & body double for the Go Daddy Super Bowl commercials, dancing as the lead girl in a music video for an up & coming music artist, & is in talks for a feature film.

And as strong and talented as Brianna is she is actually needing our help in her ongoing battle with breast cancer. Her sister has set up an online fundraiser to help offset the expensive medical bills. Her insurance does not cover all of the bills and the out of pocket responsibility is overwhelming. Any help or prayers are greatly appreciated.

Please visit https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/8m45/brianna-womick-s-cancer-fund to donate and find out more about Brianna.



I know cancer has personally affected my family, so I'll be sending along my good vibes to you and your family Brianna!

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jessie haase

Praying for all of you. Praying for all my strong, beautiful, native (and non-native) women. My mom had a mass on the outer rim of her lung, she has been cancer free for several years. There is hope. I am so thankful for her recovery and I am thankful for yours. I pry for your recovery. I know that what we ask, he hears, our prayers go forth and will not return as void. Praise and glory to the Creator.


Please call me as soon as possible. Contact me at [email protected]

I have something that will get you what you want without Surgery and without white man medicine…

Donna Pugh

I am a breast cancer survivor twice in 5yrs. The first time I had a lumpectomy, along with partial radiation. It make me too ill to continue the complete 7wks. It never seemed right to have any of this done. I had not many choices. Then the cancer reappeared in the same breast. I had 6wks to make the grueling decision to have a mastectomy. Not much choice with this either. At the same time, I was also diagnosed with a tumor inside my head, left ear, behind the eardrum, sitting on major nerves. Lost most of the hearing in the left ear, due to this. The tumor was removed one yr later, due to complications with insurance. Along with the removal of the tumor, a mastoidectomy was done, as the tumor had spread to this area. In addition to all of this, I had 6 cancerous tumors removed from my rectum. All of these surgeries were done in less than a yr. Just before the tumor inside my ear was removed, I had to have several major teeth pulled. It’s been nearly 5mos. now, since May of this yr & I am supposed to even more surgeries for reconstruction on the breast. To tell you the truth here…’I am so tired of the medical community as, the transition of monies$ must first be done, regardless of the pain & suffering one must first go thru. Since, I am disabled, & have been for quite sometime, I receive only a small portion of income from the US gov’t & it’s not easy to find adequate drs. who take the type of insurance, in the area where I live. I do not drive either & must depend on others to even do grocery shopping. Here again is another crime involving indiviuals as myself, that are disabled & unable to receive adequate care, etc. to provide all one’needs. It’s really a miracle that I am still on this earth, as a yr & a half ago, I wasn’t even sure if I would make it yet another day. This past Sept. 9th, marks the anniversary of my 64th birthday. I am grateful to be alive & what I do have. I made my peace with God, myself & others in this world. My only wish & prayer is that everyone will find comfort, solace, encouragement, & ‘Peace within themselves, as there is hope & all that really matters is ‘Love. Love of family, self & others, as the world is in such turmoil today. There is so much more to this story, I tried to make it brief. Know this, you are not alone. I am one who cares & knows what it’s like to suffer something as debilitating as this dreaded disease. May you find peace & the strength to carry on. ‘One day at a time. I will lift you up & others, light a candle in everyone’s honor & many prayers for healing, guidance & much love to you. ‘Om ~’Ona <3

Sandy Chartrand Webb

I am so sorry to hear of your illness. There is great hope however, and you might take a look at this site (Rick Simpson who has cured many, many people) http://www.phoenixtears.ca (not .com)
Blessings to you,

adolfo m.

Hi. I have heard that there is a good product that is anticancer, means, fights against cancer,it has omega-3, and vitamin E(tecotrienoles) pure.plus other two products in one package. It cost 300 dollars, and its natural with no second efects. Its called, The triangle of health. Company is called, Kyáni, which mean, strong medecine. My family and I are taking it, it prevents sickness too. You can order to this number, (208)529-9872. They will ask for a sponsor id #, give this one, 1494667. Is my register#, this is for a better price in your next order. Register as consumer. Or distributor if you want to help others. This is how i can help. Plus prayers, count with that. I believe in the power of prayer, i believe in God, i respect your believe, i used to live in a reservation, sioux reservation. Im a mexican. Hope and she gets better. You can call the number and order. Or sent me a message in my gmail or visit me in facebook, Adolfo melendrez, look for the blue car. Thanks.

Beverly Fritz

Y ou need to try the oil from the weed that kills cancer you can buy it out of California. Kills Cancer in 4 weeks even if in the fourth stage. The Grass Marawana has been proven to cure cancer and cost much less than treatment from Dr.s and no Chemo or radiation. It is up to you but what have u got to loose?

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