Lady Singer’s Song – Pow Wow Video of the Week

Posted By Paul G March 14th, 2014 Last Updated on: March 14th, 2014

The Lady Singer's Song honors the women that sing in the chorus behind the men.  During the song the men fade out to allow the women's voices to fully carry the song.  The sound of a large group of women singing this song is incredible!  Always a highlight to a Southern Pow Wow.

The translation of the song is:

Hethuska, it is difficult.
Sisters have risen, behold them.

Filmed at that 2012 Ponca Pow Wow.
White Eagle, Oklahoma

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Linda Kinequon

I love the women singers. I usually join in when i can. But from where im sitting. Im from Canada.


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Debra Whiteloon

Gives me Great Pride to see women sing. I Am Proud to Say That I AM AN INDIAN!

Uwe Stolley

best wishes and regards to all natives worldwide from good old germany


i now this song i hear it and i loved it grom the first time,
but way are the man like cowboys/
i like them more as ther one
i send you all love and light and all whatbis gut

Anita Martineza

The Lady’s Singer Song Pow Wow Spiritly Awoke My Roots, Im Navajo Santa Fe New Mexico, Its Sad and Beautiful at The Same Time.Loved It..!!..

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