Kitigan Sale – 12 of Holiday Deals

Posted By Paul G November 30th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 30th, 2014

Our first Holiday Deal for you is from Kitigan.

Below are samples of some of their great products!





Be sure to check out their 50% off Winter Sale   .

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About Kitigan

Kitigan is a one-of-a-kind online Aboriginal art business that sells authentic, high quality, Aboriginal handmade goods.

Most Aboriginal artists do not have access to the mainstream market due to a variety of reasons, including remoteness, poverty, social exclusion and lack of awareness and experience in navigating the art market.  As a result, Aboriginal art is virtually inaccessible to the mainstream market.  Often, Aboriginal artists and various art forms are exploited, where artists’ works are under-valued and original art forms and products are “knocked off” by foreign businesses.

Kitigan is a social economy initiative that supports Aboriginal artisans in developing their portfolio and entrepreneurial skills.  Kitigan provides artisans with a forum for developing their market, promoting their work and creating an ongoing revenue source through sales and royalties.

Kitigan also supports Friendship Centres and participating Aboriginal businesses and organizations, who act as our suppliers.  Kitigan purchases art from our suppliers, who are directly engaged with artists, and in return receive commissions on all products sold by Kitigan.

Kitigan also provides educational information regarding the diverse styles, cultures and regions from which Aboriginal peoples and their art come from.

The name, Kitigan, is an Ojibway word meaning “garden”.  The name symbolizes growth, prosperity and nurturing from Mother Earth.  The products marketed and sold are drawn from the earth; they are made, carved, sewn and preserved from wood, stone, cloth, bone, glass, metals, leather, and other natural materials.

Kitigan is a social enterprise operating under Villages Equity Corporation (VEC) and founded by the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC).

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