Keeping Warm At Winter/Spring Pow Wows

It’s January, which means that pretty much wherever you go for a Powwow this time of year, (with the exception of Florida and AZ) it’s going to be cold. Whether it's hobbling in regalia from your tent to the Arena through snow, or sitting in the audience listening to the drums and rain to watch the dancing, the chill is going to hit you.


HotHands hand warmers were my lifesaving cold-weather-tolerating tool of choice when I lived in Minnesota near Lake Mille Lacs. Some winter days the temperature would drop to -30F, and I would activate a couple of those pouches to slip in my pant and jacket pockets and they kept me nice and toasty in that vicious cold. When visiting a powwow as an observer, its hard to stay warm in the audience, especially if the dance arena is outdoors, or open to the air. Slipping some hand warmers in your pockets is a cheap and simple way to feel comfortable enough to sit in the audience with minimal fidgeting to stay warm. You’ll actually be able to sit and enjoy the music and dancing. As a participant these are perfect for in between dances or before you head into the arena and use your dancing to generate body heat.

Many Powwows in the winter time are hosted indoors, but even in cases where indoor heat is available, most Powwowers are camping outside in tents or trailers. HotHands hand warmers are my own personal little tip for staying warm at winter and early spring powwows. Toss a couple of those pouches into your sleeping bag about 15 minutes before you go to bed, and you’ll have nice and toasty feet when the temperatures begin to drop.


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