Keeping Tradition Alive – Men’s Fancy Special 16+ Honoring Nakeezaka Jack

Posted By Paul G August 2nd, 2015 Last Updated on: August 2nd, 2015

Our friends Willow and her son Nakeezaka are sponsoring a special this weekend at the Fort Hall Pow Wow to honor the 10th anniversary of the passing of Daryl and Maliah.

Please come out and support this family!

jack fancy dance special

Here is more information from the family.

Nakeezaka Jack “Keeping Tradition Alive” Men’s Fancy Feather Special (16+) August 7-9, 2015 Fort Hall, Idaho

Puh’nah! (Greetings) This year marks the ten year anniversary since me and my mom, Willow Abrahamson, lost half of our family, my dad Daryl Jack and sister Maliah in a fatal car accident that included us and my auntie Leela Abrahamson.

My family, back in August 2005, were going to honor my great-grandmother, Camille Navo George, for all the beadwork she had done in each respective dance category (which was every category) at the Shoshone-Bannock Indian Festival in 2005. She and my aunties just finished a fully beaded men’s Fancy dance outfit for my Dad, who was so proud to have Shoshone beadwork but even more excited that it came from my great-grandmother. He was going to honor her by sponsoring a Men’s Fancy Feather Special but tragically we lost him and my sister the week of the Festival.

jack fancy dance special3

What has been shared and passed down to me is that Men’s Fancy Feather is like a way of life, it's a discipline, an art. It takes years of teachings and experience to learn and excel at this style of dance, and I have a lot to learn. My dad was known as one of the greatest fancy feather dancers of all time and it's my job to try and carry on his legacy the best I can.

Just this year I've started to dance again since 2012 and it's been hard. I've been off the powwow trail for so long but I'm still learning and trying to get use to the feeling and being comfortable out there in the arena. I know I might not be as good as most of the dancers out there but I still try my best and have fun with it, but more importantly dance for the people.

These past ten years I've been good. I've had my ups and downs, seen and been through things most kids shouldn't have to, but I still came out alright and alive which I am thankful for. I've had friends come and go and family pass away. It's been hard trying to grow up without a father and I know it's been hard on my mom trying to raise a man. But now that I'm older and know what I want in life I think I've been seeing things a lot clearer than I use to and I'm trying my best to be even half the man my dad was.

I am going to pick up where he left off and honor my great-grandmother and family but also him and my sister. I will be wearing the very outfit my father did not get the chance to. Dance. Most importantly I want to give back to the circle for me and my mother’s life. We survived to live our lives and do what they can't anymore, which is to dance here and now for the people. It is my responsibility for “Keeping Tradition Alive” and so I would like to welcome and invite all those Fancy Feather dancers (16+) to come out and dance. Dance for your families, dance for the people!

jack fancy dance special2

Sponsored by the Abrahamson, Jack, Guzman, Baldwin, George, Farmer, and Navo families. Special thanks to Darrel Tso, Irene Oakes, Jr Lonelodge, Hal Eagletail, Rene and George Alexander, Adrian Stevens, Kira Murillo, and all my extended/adopted relatives for helping me make this special possible. Without your support I would not be where I am today.

$2,500+ in prizes, champion jacket, Pendleton n other gifts. Actual prize$ to be listed by Monday as gifts and donations are still being accepted. Nakeezaka Jack Oose! – Nakeezaka “Breaks the Belt” Suloostu Jack

jack fancy dance special4

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mayo Carter


I am trying to locate and leave a message for the descendants of Sacagawea. I’m checking first to see if I have the correct contact information or if there is another email I should use.

Many Thanks!

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