Justice Department Now Investigating Police Shooting of Navajo Loreal Tsingine

Posted By Paul G July 31st, 2016 Last Updated on: December 27th, 2016

Loreal Tsingi was shot and killed in Arizona.  Deputies were responding to a shop lifting call.  According to Officer Shipley attempts were made to detain Tsingi.  The officer noticed a pair of scissors in her hand.  According to his statement, he gave several commands for her to drop her weapon.  The Officer, again according to his statement, felt threatened and claimed she swung the scissors.  He responded with fatal shots.

A local investigation followed.  According to Navajo Times:

Winslow police officer Austin Shipley, who was involved in the Easter Sunday shooting death of Loreal Tsinigine, will not be charged in her death, according to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery.

“After careful review the facts surrounding this case, including available video evidence and witness statements from all involved my office has found no evidence of criminal conduct on the part of officer Shipley,” Montgomery said. – Navajo Times

The Guardian has uncovered that Officer Shipley was not recommended as an officer after his training.

A day before Shipley’s training ended, nearly three years ago, a police corporal recommended that the Winslow police department not retain him.

“They were warned he was likely to hurt someone back in 2013 or so, by another commanding officer,” Floranda said. “It’s unbelievable as to why he was still allowed to wear a badge.” – The Guardian

Now the federal Justice Department is investigating.

The Justice Department will investigate the police shooting of a Native American woman in Arizona, a spokesman said on Friday, a day after footage released by the Winslow police department raised concerns about racial bias in the fatal shooting. – The Guardian

According to research conducted by The Guardian, Native Americans are disproportionately involved in fatal police shootings.  

Nationwide, Native Americans are disproportionately killed by police. Based on data from the Counted, the Guardian’s database of police killings in the US, fatal police shootings of black, white, Hispanic and Asian Americans have all gone down slightly or remained roughly the same from 2015 into 2016, but twice as many Native Americans have been killed over the same period.

Because the number of Native Americans, relative to other racial and ethnic categories, is quite small, just a handful of incidents can dramatically change the per capita rate. Still, 13 Native American people have been killed just over halfway through 2016, more than the 10 that were killed in all of 2015. – The Guardian

Bodycam Footage – Warning – This video contains graphic images that may be disturbing.

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Here in UK, there are such incidents of objects used as weapons dealt with by officers using training, command, restraint, tazers, pepper spray, personal baton on nerve points in arms and legs, or control until armed officers arrive and command, and possible use of non-lethal first baton gun, variables then firearm as last resort. USA there’s just no exuse.

jameslee rogers

i dont know how todd henderson knew this poilceman was going to kill . a crystal ball i guess.
the officer was cleared of any wrong doing . everyone wants to lynch him for what he did after hes been cleared.
funny no one whose actually been trained as law enforcement has said this coud have been handled differently
the woman went in stole stuff walked out and had been doing this on several occasions . she becomes combative with police tried to get a saint johns officers gun in a run in with the law there. it was stated her medication was found laying on the sidewalk . who knows if she can ever remember to take it . the powers that be say the officer responded accordingly and without violating any laws. all these arm chair critics and monday morning quarter backs make judgement without he training to say anything theyre totally unqualified to judge this horrible tragedy

Melvin Holt

This could have been handled a different way. There were two grown men (officers) on scene and this was one 110 pound girl, “supposely with scissors in her hand”. The officer at one time had her down, how did she get away from him? As big as he is, 200 plus pounds, and another officer approaching. Was deadly force really necessary?


I did not watch the body cam footage because I didn’t want to see something I could not un-see–the shooting death of a person. I don’t know whether Ms Tsingine was threatening the officer or not. I don’t know if Officer Shipley called out to her, warning her to drop her weapon which has been reported as a pair of scissors. And on principle, I disagree with anyone who calls police officers derogatory names. That is unnecessary! What’s more, it shows the one calling the names to be immature at best!
Given the publicity of the recent murders of police officers, the DNC’s honoring the mothers of criminals shot by police, and a general ugliness in the attitude toward those we have hired & trained to protect us–more shootings are bound to be the result. While feelings on both sides of the issue are justified, wrong behavior is never excusable & there are consequences to such actions. Waging war on cops is NOT the answer! It will merely ratchet up the levels of tension, roiling emotions, & make certain that those waging the war will die. The police have a right to defend themselves, just as you & I do.
The alternative to war against cops, is to get to know them as people. Work WITH them to keep our (notice I didn’t mention any particular color of people!) people safe. IF we do that, then when a cop shoots someone you can be sure that the deadly force will be closely examined. If the cop was wrong, s/he will be disciplined as our laws dictate.
Next, stop believing everything you see/read in the media. News programs are fighting for ratings just like every other show. They will report on the worst our society has to offer in disproportionate numbers because they have learned that it’s blood, murder, mayhem, anarchy–anything that is negative about human behavior. Don’t be manipulated by Nielson ratings!
Finally, if a trainee recommended for “not being retained as a police officer” is given a badge, uniform, & gun then something STINKS in that department. (That doesn’t mean all cops are bad! but rather, that there is a BIG problem in one police department.) It should be investigated, opened to those that police department was hired to protect, & resolved within the means of the law.

Todd Henderson

If they knew he was going to do something like this, why did they let him? I don’t understand why they let men with authority walk in public with weapons that shouldn’t be in that position. Unsure of someone’s mental status? Take away the gun and badge. It’s that simple.

Roaming Warrior

How little or big a man does it take to use brute or deadly force? A uniform doesn’t make a man, the man makes the uniform.

Candice Copeland

No Justice, No peace. Native lives matter!

Dean Akkerman

KNOW justice KNOW peace

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