Joy Harjo is Teaching a MasterClass!

Joy Harjo is Teaching a MasterClass!

Posted By PowWow Articles January 7th, 2022 Last Updated on: January 8th, 2022

Native American Poet Laureate and National Women’s Hall of Fame inductee Joy Harjo has joined the ranks of MasterClass instructors. 

The acclaimed indigenous poet, playwright and musician is now teaching her very own course on the popular e-learning site all about Poetic Thinking.

You can access the course here!

Since launching in 2015, MasterClass has grown into an expansive subscription platform, on which students can access lectures and tutorials by experts in numerous fields. Some of the most popular courses on the platform are “Gordon Ramsey Teaches Cooking,” “David Sedaris Teaches Storytelling and Humor,” and “Sarah Blakely Teaches Self-Made Entrepreneurship.” Now, Joy Harjo joins this elite group of instructors.

She shared a little about what you can expect in her new course:

In my class, I'll be sharing my experience to help you honor your own story and unlock your innate creativity…We'll explore poetry writing skills such as the revision process and the use of rhythm and imagery to bring your poems to life. I will also show you ways to define your motivations to create, move through creative blocks, and ultimately find confidence and joy in your writing…Poetry goes where words cannot, speaks what words can't speak. In my class, we'll learn to create images and music with language and explore imagination beyond the thinking line. Whether you're beginning or furthering your artistic journey, we'll hone your unique, creative perspective together.

For more, watch the course trailer below:

After graduating college in 1975, Joy Harjo published her first collection of poems, called “The Last Song.” This anthology reflected Joy Harjo's insights on the fractured history of Native Americans. She later published a series of poetry collections, many of which focused on the unique challenges facing indigenous peoples and the strength of Native people to rise above these trials and tribulations.

Read this article for more on Joy Harjo.

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