It’s Pow Wow Time – Spring Touch-ups!

Posted By Shawnee Bear May 23rd, 2013 Last Updated on: May 22nd, 2013

The sun is shining.

The grass is green.

The weather is warm.

What can this all mean?

It indicates that POW-WOW season is starting!!

What a warm and exciting time!!!

Of course, that means that the sewing machines & beading hands are in full effect. All of the stuff we powwow moms said we would have done by Denver march – still in the works! This is what happens when we are busy super powwow moms!! But that is okay. Our babies will love the new stuff – even if it’s piece by piece!

As this spring and summer nears, we will have to prepare for our powwows.

How do you become more prepared?

Here's my tips!

1. Shade & Chairs – you might think, why this is a bonehead move! We all know chairs and shade. But we need to make sure that our shade still has 4 good legs and we have the stakes for those windy powwows. We also need to make sure that our chairs are in good repair. This way we know if we need to replace a chair or relegate that chair to bustle & shawl holding! So check your chairs!

2. Coolers. We all know we take pop, water, and snacks to the powwow. Sometimes we pack lunch stuff or dinner break stuff. But before we can start packing our cooler – we have to make sure there are no cracks in our coolers, the spout plug is still there, and lastly make sure our lids are tight and stay closed.

3. Dance bags. Everyone needs to check your dance bags! Make sure those zippers zip and wheels still roll!!

4. Outfit repairs. Every summer we dance our outfits out. We will need to make sure our mocc’s are all together with no “blow outs” something this powwow mom is guilty of! Make sure all silver is shined, the broken bones replaced, the ribbon is burned, and feathers secure.

5. Happy Faces. We all need to be aware that we are responsible for the energy that we have. If we go to a powwow with a sour face – we will have a terrible time. But if we go with happy smiling faces – we will have a great time! Powwows are a great place to be! We reconnect with friends, with family, and learn new things from each other! Lets appreciate that we are still native and still here and be happy!!

This Powwow mom is off to get ready for this weekends powwow!

Exciting times ahead and I cannot wait to see all my friends and dance to fantastic songs!!!

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Santee Running Water

For those doing ribbon work on regalia…a bottle of clear nail polish comes in very handy. After you cut your ribbon, slide the long side of the nail polish brush along the cut edge. It will seal that edge, like forever, and no fraying to worry about and no burning.

Catherine Todd

Loved seeing what you all do to get ready for the Powwows, including beading and repair work. I live at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala and work with wonderful indigenous Mayan Indians who do the most beautiful beadwork and my husband and I sell it at festivals and fairs to raise money for medical expenses and sending their children to school. School is NOT free past third grade in Guatemala and tuition costs $200.00 per year, plus school uniforms and supplies.

We do a lot of beadwork for different totems and groups and I would like to find out how we could facilitate this service for more indigenous peoples who attend the powwows.

The women in Guatemala do beautiful, museum quality work for much less than it costs in the states, and it’s a “fortune” to them here where the cost of living is also much less. I’ve seen very high prices on eBay and would like any suggestions as to how we could “open the door” to work for the wonderful artisans around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, here in Central America. This could be a very beneficial relationship for all concerned.

I don’t know what is considered “native” but these are indigenous people that have been marginalized and have lived here under the volcanoes for thousands of years. The Mayan culture has spread all across the countries and we have quite a bit of it still in the United States.

Please feel free to contact me by email and I hope everyone can come and visit here one day! It’s really quite remarkable.

Sincerely, Catherine Todd
[email protected]

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