Is this How We Should Educate Children About Native Culture?

Posted By Paul G December 31st, 2013 Last Updated on: December 31st, 2013

During this time of year elementary schools have lessons to teach children about Native culture.  Many times these lessons use stereotypical songs, crafts, and outfits.

A school in Florida had High School students teach PreK and Kingergarten'ers about Native American culture with a “Pow Wow”.

You can watch the video of this event below.  On Youtube there are now over 100 comments about this video.

Is this How We Should Educate Children About Native Culture?

It's not just schools however.

In this viral video, you can see that a dance school dressed young children as Chiefs for a recital.

How do we change this?

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Why didn’t you just ask a real Native American Indian instead of looking ridiculous….(shaking my head)


This Diné just broke the impossible Native “PokerFace”… Yadilaah!!! Ayoo diigiis!!!


The video has been removed…However the photo was enough for me. I can’t imagine how disgusting this must have been. Not Native American myself, though raised on a reservation. I learned a lot about respect from my Native American friends and neighbors. Thank you Randy “Black Bear” Roley.

Randy 'Black Bear' Roley

Hello everyone, I am glad to see that my petition has made it here and the video was removed finally. I just updated the petition a bit. Now, what I still want is some type of public apology from the people who were responsible for creating this repulsive video and had insulted our culture and our people. In addition to this I think the petition needs to aim at the Department of Education or whoever is responsible to make sure the Schools in America are really doing their job or not. This is all new to be so I am learning about how these petitions work. Here is the current status of the Petition if interested and if you did not sign it yet…Here it is: https://www.change.org/petitions/the-bchs-history-club-i-want-the-video-to-be-removed-and-for-the-school-to-publiclly-appologize-to-all-native-american-tribes-who-they-have-insulted-due-to-ignorance Like I had mentioned: The Video is removed! Which is good but not enough!


I couldn’t watch it either. Doesn’t seem like they are trying to “teach” anything…looks more like making fun of. I am Native and this is very offensive.


anger will not stop this. education has had some affect as weve seen with mascots. many do not live with or near indun people. effecting mass opinion has dissipated since the 1970’s. removing it from youtube will not stop it either. you all know what people like this are interested in and many of you participate in the same life-styles. we will keep on trying…


All those involved in this atrocious video should feel great shame. This is a despicable act against our Ancestors, all Native People; to our Culture and way of life! Get your facts straight, all who call themselves educators and teachers! You teach these white youth nothing but lies and how to make a mockery of a strong and proud People! To my Native Brothers and Sisters, to all others, I implore you to stand up and speak out against this heinous act! We must put an end to this mockery and degradation. There are many Proud Traditional Native People in your state who would be happy to educate all in the correct ways of our culture. Reach out to them..educate and teach the TRUTH about our culture..STOP THE LIES AND DEGRADING DEPICTION OF THE NATIVE PEOPLE!!


Hmmmmm teach the children what the educators don’t even know called Truth. Start with teaching the ones who teach to walk first in learning with their spirits ears so they may then stand as a teacher.

Jacek with Polish.

This is the “white” America, fight for their identity and culture. Jacek with Polish.
To jest “biała” Ameryka, walczcie o swoją tożsamość, kulturę. Jacek z Polski


Were my eyes fooling me, or my ears playing a joke on me?

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