Interview with Shirley Hill

Posted By Paul G April 28th, 2018 Last Updated on: April 28th, 2018

Interview with Shirley Hill at the 2018 Gathering of Nations.

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Dusty Barlow

Hi Shirley!
My name is Dusty Barlow, I own a group on Facebook called Gods, Heros, Legends and Lore of the ancient worlds. One of my followers asked me to do a report on Ouga! The internet is not much help and I don’t have a source to inquire about so I was wondering if you or an expert on Ouga would be willing to do a recorded phone interview with me? I am respectful of beliefs and will not intentionally cross any lines, if I do, all the person has to do is decline my question, no hard feelings and no disrespect intended I hope you are willing to help me out with this and look forward to hearing from you! Thank you in advance,

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