Indigenous Community Calls on Fox News to Fire Hosts Over Racist Comments

Indigenous Community Calls on Fox News to Fire Hosts Over Racist Comments

Posted By Jeanette Centeno October 19th, 2021 Last Updated on: October 20th, 2021

You may have seen the “Fox News Primetime” segment in which hosts Rachel Campos-Duffy and Jesse Watters defended Columbus Day and depicted indigenous people as violent alcoholics who are dependent on the government.

This egregious dose of misinformation drew instant backlash from the indigenous community, many of whom have grown tired of the racist narratives perpetuated by so-called journalists. Campos-Duffy went to explain that the rampant alcoholism, generational poverty, and broken families are never addressed by Democrats, despite their consistent presence in indigenous communities.

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In a lame attempt to assign herself credibility, Campos-Duffy then noted that the reason she's aware of the issues is that she personally knows several Native people. 

These scathing remarks denied the genocide of native people, the generational trauma of our ancestors, the massive rapes and murder of women and two-spirit people, the separation of families, continual erasure and so much more. Campos-Duffy felt compelled to incite the Fox News audience with a false narrative that is nothing short of a pathetic, racist attempt at shaming indigenous people. We know our history and we know our struggles but we will not remain silent while journalists and news forums portray us as victims. A journalist is responsible for providing accurate, impartial information. The abhorrent statements depicted Columbus as a victim of cancel culture and indigenous people as nothing more than lazy, bitter drunks.

Campos-Duffy continued her rant by letting her viewers know, that native people also “burned villages, raped women and scalped people.”

Revisionist history is nothing new. It's rooted in deep hate and white supremacy. Some journalists and news outlets feel they can get away with passing along certain information because there’s little to no backlash from the public or sponsors. The indigenous community hasn’t made enough noise in this arena to let sponsors, network executives, and company CEOs know that a false narrative of indigenous culture will not be tolerated. The rhetoric is harmful to our children and how they are perceived. The oppression, genocide and the erasure of our culture began with Columbus, and journalists depicting him as a hero will not change the truth.

Campos-Duffy is often depicted as a passionate Republican with strong Christian morals, who got her start on “The Real World” on MTV. She often clashed with roommates over different topics that she deemed too liberal. Her view on indigenous culture mirror the sentiment of many people who fail to see us, understand us, and wish to erase us. They use false information to indoctrinate others to hate us and these comments should not be allowed.

America cannot reckon with its shameful past without owning the part it played in the genocide of indigenous people. Real history needs to be taught and difficult conversations and discussions need to be had. We can’t move forward without addressing the past and we can’t let the past be re-written by people who'd prefer to write us out of it. 

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