Indian Summer Winner Lady Xplicit Revealed!!!

Posted By PowWows.com October 14th, 2013 Last Updated on: October 14th, 2013

Q) Stunning…Talented…and award winning! Congrats! I was a judge for Indian Summer this year. Please tell us about your recent award?

A) Totally blushing, thank you! I recently was awarded “Best Hip Hop” in the 10th Annual Indian Summer Music Awards for the song “On The Run”. This is my second time winning the award, currently I am the only female to have won. It was a great experience from start to finish…there’s nothing like recognition, from your community.

Q) You're a great example of business and wisdom! Give us the highlights reel of your brilliant musical career please?

A) When I stepped foot into a studio at 17, it felt natural to learn as much as I could about this passion for music. As soon as I felt confident enough I began recording and performing. Staying active and traveling has helped boost it, I meet new people and opportunities daily. I’ve released four independent projects (It Comes Natural, Cali Girl, Most Wanted, Future X Wife), Now it’s a matter of using everything I’ve got to build up.

Q) How did you get started in music? What's the most important lesson you have learned while coming up?

A) Music has always been a part of my life through my family. I have an awesome grandmother who exposed me to different cultures. A very important lesson is: don’t get comfortable. In order for you to succeed you have to be ahead or else you’re behind because believe someone else is trying to get ahead.

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Q) Native strong! What is your Native heritage? Do you practice your culture and traditions? How do your tribal ties bless you and enhance your life?

A) Tόbaahί nishlί, I am half Diné Nation & African American. I used to Fancy Dance when I was younger but living in San Diego made it difficult as I was separated from the culture a lot, which I think is where Hip Hop became a bigger influence for me. I come from a traditional family though and I am involved with my culture. Being bi-racial was tough growing up but now I embrace it and am blessed by both worlds.

Q) What does being Native mean to you? Does your music reflect your heritage? How so?

A) For me, being Native is about RESPECT- respect for yourself, those around you, before you and after you. My music itself doesn’t reflect my heritage.  Hip Hop is a culture of its own. I will say that my style definitely reflects storytelling, survival, hustle, ownership, creativity and purpose – all learned the Native way.

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Q) You're such a dynamic and inspiring person! What inspiration do you have for someone who wants to set goals and achieve them?

A) Surround yourself with positive, supportive people and Take care of home. If you’re not right within you can’t be 100% right in the world.

Q) When you need inspiration, where do you find it?

A) The future. My siblings. I see my brothers and cousins growing up without many positive people to look up to. They, as are all the up and coming generation, are our future. If we don’t teach them we risk not having a future. Knowing that inspires me to be all I can be in this lifetime.

Q) What's on the horizon for you? For your music? What do you dream of doing? What are you doing to make those dreams come true?

Honestly, I am doing what I love and that’s a dream come true. What’s on the horizon for me is working with others through music to help bring our people up to the mainstream level while still preserving the culture / traditions. More music with more Natives is definitely on the horizon J

Q) What will listeners experience when they enjoy your music? How can we order it, connect with you and see you live in concert?

A) I call my music “feel good music”.  I am a young, single, female on her grind and that makes me feel good. I use bass filled beats, sharp lyrics and my own flavor to express this on stage and on the microphone. Same Native, different pow wow.  Best way to find out what’s going on & connect with me is on my website www.LadyXplicit.com. My music is available online pretty much everywhere and in select stores nationwide.

Q) You're a lovely and intelligent person and I wish you good things! What should we know about you that we don't already?


*I founded and host an internet talk show, The Break,that showcases the finest in music, fashion and events. www.thebreaktalkshow.com

*I am now the Entertainment Editor for Native Hoop Magazine.

*I I release an annual calendar each year, available worldwide. 2014 coming soon, 2013 is available: www.magcloud.com/user/LadyXplicit

* I need a personal Navajo Language teacher, preferably tall, handsome and very eligible. 😉 Lol!

I am proud of and thankful for people like you and Pow Wow.com for all your hard work.

ordering/ http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/LADYXPLICIT but also available on itunes !

contact info for music: The can contact me through my website. Fans can connect with me on any of my social networks.

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We thank you for your time and for your friendship!

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