Hungry for Heroes: Shawn Michael Perry’s Flathead Salish/Mayan Perspective

Posted By PowWows.com December 12th, 2013 Last Updated on: December 12th, 2013

Singer. Musician. Producer. Actor. All of these words describe Shawn Michael Perry, a powerful performer. This Salish/Mayan singer-songwriter paused his active schedule to chat with us about his current projects and perspective.

DK: It's nice to talk with you! What are you working on these days? What musical
successes have you enjoyed recently?

powwows.comSMP: Hello Dawn! Working on worldwide licensing and publishing deals for
myself and our artists that we represent. I was nominated for the NAMA awards
this year for “Best Producer” and “Best Pop Album”. Just found out
that I have multiple nominations for the WCAIMA 2014 awards. Folks can check it out at
http://wcaima2014.com/. Looking for a Native Female vocalist for a duet and single release entitled 4EVER-N-MYHEART. Just need to complete vocals for a Valentine's release.

DK: You're so prolific! What is your Native
heritage? How do you blend your tribes' traits into your songs?

SMP: I am Flathead Salish on my father's side, and Mayan Indian on my mother's
side. My appreciation for God, country, and nature are important markers based
on my heritage that help paint our stories in my music.

DK: What are some of the lessons that keep you spiritually centered? How do those
internal ideas influence your music?

SMP: Above all else I believe in God and God's will being done! Just having
that core belief teaches me balance. Thus, the reflection in my music.

DK: How did you start performing? How did you know that this what you truly wanted
to do?

SMP: Watching Michael Jackson on the Flip Wilson show was a great inspiration.
This was how I knew!

DK: You have such a broad audience internationally. Why do you think you reach a wide variety of listeners?

SMP: Ancient rhythm because I tell stories about the human condition and about
God's love as the answer to everything. Natives are intergrating into the

DK: What makes your tunes unique?

SMP: Thought out song writing ability. Great production team. Aggressive
promotion. Honest social media interaction, and listening to God’s


DK: How do your songs come to you? Do you improvise when you create? Or do you
hear the songs first before you make them?

SMP: My inspiration comes in many forms, but mainly my dreams.

DK: As you transform the inspiration from your dreams into music, what do you hope it will inspire your hearers to do?

SMP: To be honest and true. That at the core of it’s essence is family and
tradition. We are all one !!!

DK: Where can we purchase your music? How can we see you perform? How can folks
connect with you?

SMP: Please see our website www.shawnmichaelperry
Please see our calendar page
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/shawn.m.perry
For bookings contact Belinda Corcovelos at [email protected]

Q) What do you wish we knew about you that we don't already know?
Mvto…thank you for your sharing with us! We sure do appreciate you!

That I have a new album coming out Hungry 4 Heroes …. I thank you all for
your support !!! I could not have done it without you!!! Blessings to All !!!

Enjoy Shawn Michael Perry on YOUTUBE at www.youtube.com/user/SHAWNMICHAELPERRY1

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Hello I just wanted to say that this is an awesome site. Keep it going. John

Pam Lewis

U can learn alot check this out. Proud of the Cherokee blood that runs threw my veins.

Teresa Humphrey

I love the story my great great grandpartners were full Cherokee on mother and father i love anything native amercian

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