Howl at the Moon: Silverfox speaks for wolves

Posted By PowWows.com April 20th, 2014 Last Updated on: April 20th, 2014

Silverfox is named for foxes, but is passionate about protecting wolves. A contributor to NAMA's new WOLF CD, this artist is a performer at numerous powwows each season.  Silverfox shares his love of music and his loyalty to his Apache heritage in this visit.

Q) Powwows, powwows, powwows! As the season starts, you're definitely going to be at some great places on Powwow Highway! You need no introduction for most powwow people, but what do you want us to know about you?

A)I love to play for the people! I am just like everybody else, I can be approached and asked any questions, and I will give you an answer, always.

Q) That's great, since I have a burning question for you: What is the story behind your powerful name?

A) My grandfather gave me this name many moons ago. His reasons for giving this name was that I always managed to pull off the unexpected, or as my Grandfather would say, I would often “outfox” my opponent in sports. He would tell me I had much wisdom, and I turned silver early at a young age. He told me those with silver hair held much wisdom. 75% of my wisdom comes from my grandparents and my parents, the other 25% comes from life’s experiences!

Q) Powwows are such a prominent part of your life. Are you excited for this year's powwow season?

A) Powwow Highway connects me with my own people and puts me where my music can be heard and appreciated the best. I attend powwows and perform all over the US, and I dance too. I will be doing more powwows in 2014, I can only hope your powwow is one of them!

Q) Sounds like a great time on the Powwow Trail! What else are you eagerly anticipating?

A) Do lots of Powwows! Record more CD’s and stay busy! To hear my music being played all over the world and on radio. To play more often at bigger venues, and tour overseas.

There have many fans that have come up to me and said how I inspired them to learn the Flutes. Some even bought a flute from vendors at Pow-Wows. I think my style of music is very inspirational and the energy of my music sinks deep into their soul.

Q) While we're on the topic of experiences, you sure have had some intriguing ones! Did music always form the focus of your life?

Q) I grew up around music to this day my parents still sing in the church choir, two of my relatives are well known musicians and major award winners. For me it was in 2004 that I started playing my flutes again after about 30 years. It was a major tool for my sobriety. Once I got familiar with the flutes again, I started playing along with my brother Two Smokes in 2004. Then in 2009 Jordan Wagenti my wife’s Kaya’s youngest son from Whitmore, Lake, Michigan at the age of 17 years old came into the picture and started writing “Tribal Fusion” music. We then took the music on the road in 2010. We have continued to perform the “Abaachii Tears” and “Tribal Fusion” music all over the United States.

Q) Your story is sure proof that music is good medicine! Sobriety, travel, family are all traditional values. Are they your fuel for your music?

A) The fans, they are what keeps me going. They always have the best compliments one could ever want to hear. Thank you to all my fans, even those new fans that will join us soon. The look in peoples eyes when they first hear the music means so much. Connecting with the fans and giving them the best performance that I can give them does,too.

I am still young in this music business. I started doing shows in 2005. The two 2012 and 2013 Silver Arrow Awards from my record label “Spirit Wind Records”, is very important to me. But the biggest one to this point was being nominated for “Best Instrumental Recording” with the Native American Music Awards, and I made it through on the first try. I was so honored in being in the same category as the other nominees, the winner of the “Best Instrumental Recording” was Rickey Medlocke who is the founding member of the group Blackfoot, guitarist for Lynyrd Skynyrd, and is in the “Rock and Roll” hall of fame. Being nominated is hard enough, now I have the “ Nammy Fever”!

Q) Your Apache heritage is so strong. Will we hear it in your music?

A) Brother Two Smokes join forces on the “Abaachii Tears” CD with a unique tapestry of Native American flute and guitar melodies to create an acoustic weave of tranquil soothing sound. Three exceptional stand out tracks “Kaya”, “Ancestral Spirits” and “Three Hawks” are audience favorites. “Three Hawks” was written in memory of Brother Mark “Three Hawks” Steele, who passed away in 2006, and played a major role in my sobriety.

“Tribal Fusion” is the latest edition of Silverfox on Native American flutes, “fused” with a broad spectrum eclectic mix of spellbinding background music written and generated by Jordan Wagenti.



Q) As you intertwine culture and music, how do you hope your music will be heard by others? Whose tunes edify you?

A) The great Carlos Nakai, and Scott August inspire me. I hope to inspire everyone who comes in contact with me either through music or from just meeting me.

Q) Well, I am a Native American Music Award Winner, so I was fascinated by the new CD that NAMA released recently. Saving Wolves is the purpose of  WOLF CD. I know that you raise wolves and are devoted to their protection,right?

SF: Yes. I care deeply about the injustice done to all of my people and the senseless killing of the wolves. I involve myself in AIM and petitions signings against the Wolf Hunt.

DK: What are your CDs?

SF: “Abaachii Tears” and “Tribal Fusion”, which you can purchase several places.
Tribal Fusion

Abaachii Tears

Also, I am on Face Book under Silverfox Lopez, and will soon have a web page currently under construction with “Spirit Wind Records”.
You can hear my music at http://www.reverbnation.com/silverfoxlopez

Q) Thanks for sharing with us!

A) Never give up! Stay humble with yourself and others.
Enjoy my videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/silverfoxflutes8

Dr. Dawn Karima is the host of A CONVERSATION WITH DAWN KARIMA, a Native American Talk Show that airs on Talktainment Radio and its affiliates. She is Creek/Cherokee and lives in Cherokee,NC.

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