Howie Carr War Whoops During Donald Trump Rally

Posted By Paul G June 30th, 2016 Last Updated on: June 30th, 2016

Donald Trump and his supporter's criticism of Elizabeth Warren and her claim of Native American heritage took an ugly turn yesterday.  During a rally in Bangor Maine, Howie Carr put his hand to his mouth and war whooped while discussing Elizabeth Warren.  Carr is a local radio personality.

On his website, Carr takes pride in the fact that media outlets are labeling his action as racist and cultural appropriation.  He is even selling a t-shirt for Fauxahonta.

Howie Car Racist Shirt


Let Howie Carr know what you think about his war whoops!

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Mt Trump and his follower are foolish man. they do not know any better. Sad for the country That’s the best they have to offer.


And so another N’dah shows his ignorance. To be expected I guess in todays political climate. Given that most can’t trill, I guess this is as close as he’s gonna getAt this point nothing surprises me anymore

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