How can the Pow Wow Calendar be improved? – Pow Wow Calendar Survey

Posted By Paul G August 16th, 2014 Last Updated on: October 5th, 2014

The Pow Wow Calendar on PowWows.com is one of our most popular features.  About two years ago the calendar had a major upgrade.  We are continuing to make improvements and add new features.

We need your help!

Let us know what you want to see in the Pow Wow Calendar.  How do you use the calendar, what can be added, what needs to be changed – tell us!

AND for completing the survey below you are entered in to a drawing for 2 – $50 Best Buy Gift Cards!

Thanks for helping PowWows.com grow!

The drawing will be held 10/30/2014.

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J Morgan

Just recently visited this site; looking for local Pow-Wow to attend. Several years ago when we lived in MO we just happened on one and to this day we still talk about it! My husband is part Cherokee and he had never seen one either. So impressive to hear the music and the dance, etc. It was inside which also made it nice. We went back in the evening to watch more and – wow! – it was lovely. We live in the Tulsa, OK area so would be interested in any nearby (indoors) as health issues make it more challenging to attend.

Peter W de Vries

Thanks for this easy way to find a pow wow nearby

marylou barlow

Thank you for your services of keeping us informed of all powwows I appreciate you for put your time into keeping us updated.

Maria M. Perezarce

The Pow-Wow dates are convenient, and the locations are helpful. I would like to see the Pow-Wow locations all under one date on the calendar, and the features of what group is organizing the specific event. Thank you

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