Hip Hop, Leech Lake via The Twin Cities: Ojibwe Style!

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Excited by his newest release, Jeremy Matthew Schaaf is  a proud Father to two beautiful daughters and a Native American Hip Hop Performer known as Minnesota S.A.G.E.  This Ojibwe/Potawatomi musical artist recently visited with us at Powwows.com.

Q) WELCOME! Thank you so much for joining me here on Powwows.com showcasing your recent project, HELLRAISERS The Album, which is  available everywhere where MP3’s & Ringtones are sold as well as on The Culture Shock Original website at www.cultureshockoriginal.com . I sure do appreciate having you here with us! Why don’t you let our audience know what you have been getting yourself into these days?

A) First off, I’d like to say Thank you for including me here at Powwows.com! It’s truly an honor having you ask me to discuss the recent project that I have had the privilege of being a part of, HELLRAISERS The Album, the recent offering from Culture Shock Original! Right now, I’m in the process of releasing my next single with Culture Shock Original, a Cherry Sky Studio and FAR2ILL Entertainment production, “ONE HUNDRED” which will be released on December 10th and I am also getting ready to record a new project for Culture Shock Original, which will be set for release in 2014.

Q) Why don’t you tell us what you’d want us to know more about you? What is it that you want us to know about you that we may or may not already know?

A) Let’s see, well my name is Jeremy Matthew Schaaf. I am a proud Father to two beautiful daughters that are enrolled band members with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe and I am a Native American Hip Hop Performer known as Minnesota S.A.G.E. I live on the Mille Lacs Indian Reservation, MN, but am from the Leech Lake Reservation in Northern Minnesota. I am a Culture Shock Original Recording Artist that is set to release my debut solo album in 2014. In the past, I have two group albums with the Mille Lacs Boyz underneath the N.E.Mob Records Label that recorded my debut with Culture Shock Original, SOLO Cup.

Q) What’s your Native heritage?

A) From my Father I am Ojibwe from The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe in Minnesota and from my Mother I am Potawatomi from The Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation in Kansas.

Q) In recent years we have seen an influx of Native performers embracing Hip Hop. Why do you think that is?

A) We, as Native Americans, hailing from Reservations, know the struggle and pain all too well that emanates within the world of Hip-Hop. As products of our environment, we can really identify with this fact and connect on a parallel level with ours and the Hip Hop culture.

Q) In every Indigenous culture there is a storytelling element.  Hip Hop seems to have the same strong storytelling element as well. What type of stories are you, as emerging talent, trying to convey within your music?

A) I’m not one to shy away from the fact that the elements within my lyrics contain a “non-traditional” approach when it comes to relating to my audience found within Native America. I am one that firmly believes that music is a release and that the subject matter in ones lyrics does not have to reflect upon ones cultural identity or struggles in order to gauge one's Native-ness. I use my lyrics as a way to have a good time.

Q) You have your first hit on your hands with SOLO Cup on HELLRAISERS The Album! What is the story behind the song and what makes the track so special to you?

A) “SOLO Cup” is not only my debut with Culture Shock Original, but was also was my debut recording with North East Mob Records. I guess it’s safe to say that if ever there were a track that is my baby that this one would be it. It’s a track that not only has brought me to the dance, but with finding a home on HELLRAISERS The Album, is also looking to be the one to carry me home.


Q) Notoriety and recognition have followed your ever evolving work! What are some of the rewards you have enjoyed while receiving your entrance onto the scene?

A) I am both honored and taken by the opportunity to work with Culture Shock Original who has worked with Superstar features and producers such as Scott Storch and the legendary funk masters George Clinton & Gene “Poo Poo Man” Anderson of Parliament and Funkadelic. To be an Artist on a Roster that has a Multi Grammy Award winning producer and engineer like Ed Stasium is humbling to say none the least. And to be featured on HELLRAISERS The album, with Special Guest Features from Snoop Dogg, The Game, Three 6 Mafia and TI, not only has been a surreal event, but it has also been a platform on which I fully intend to maximize each and every opportunity given while traveling on my journey down this road.

Q) Where did you get your start in music? Is your career as you expected?


A)I began my journey in the music industry a little under a decade ago as a Ghost Writer for an artist out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota that ran with a circle similar to that of Culture Shock Original. To be immersed within the game at a younger age would set the precedence for my career later down the road that eventually would lead me to Culture Shock Original. Fitting, not only as Culture Shock Original would meet my requirements as a fan of music but would also exceed the expectations I have as an Artist within their ranks, one whose passion, patience and perseverance finally found itself paying forward in becoming a part of The Culture Shock Original MOVEMENT.

Q) What do you look forward to most in regard to performing?


A) Studio and live performances are on two entirely different levels and it's something that I'm going to learn to get a full grasp of as I start my career. So I guess what I look forward to the most will be the amount of energy that will have to be put out in order to perform my tracks while taking in the crowd's anticipation as well as their participation to create the party vibe that I pump out within my music.


Q) I know that you are still young but what do you want to accomplish as an aspiring artists?


A) Thank you, by the way, however right now I'm immersing myself in many different aspects of music in order to better educate myself in order to succeed in the business and hone my skills. On this journey, I know that it may come off as reverse psychology, still in an ill way I look forward to taking criticism that will no doubt follow. But in order to become a better artist I know that I will have to look within at my apparent flaws and thereby be forced into having to work on these and learn from them turning them into more of my strength.

Q)Your soon to be recorded, “Come n Gone” is a beautiful track!As a father, what would you like for your daughters to learn from your example? What is the most inspiring lesson you’ve learned when becoming a Father?

A)In the track I make the statement that it's no longer about me that it's all about her the love of a life in the eyes of my daughters. And in making this statement I would like for them to know that the road before them is all theirs and wish for them to own into this fact with full knowledge that all possibilities are indeed possible through their eyes.

Q) Congratulations on your new single “SOLO Cup” on the HELLRAISERS CD!!! Where might we purchase your music at? let us know where can we connect with you?


A)Thank you, it's been a pleasure walking this path with the individuals who have made this all possible. First I would like to thank Culture Shock Original for providing me the venue to release my music on a this type of scale. Next and equally as important is my producer on this project NEM1 of North East Mob Records, Salute. Last, I would like to give The Mille Lacs Boyz, a Hip-Hop Fraternity consisting of founding members J Dub & B.I.G. TY, BrotherHOOD of S.A.M. and C Meat their due credit along with the entire N.E.M. Roster of Lords of Royalty and Minority Report for giving me the gift of music, my clique. You can find the Culture Shock Original Release HELLRAISERS on the Culture Shock Original webstite at www.cultureshockoriginal.com as well as everywhere where MP3's & Ringtones are sold including at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hellraisers/id734164448 on iTunes.

Q) Who might be some of the artists that inspired you in your music? Do you wish to inspire others through your music? And if so, who?

A) I know that I was most influenced by the storytellers of the day like The Sugar Hill Gang and Slick Rick that could walk you through a day in the life of or tear out a chapter of their page, the are the artists that are influential on my story telling abilities contained within my writing. Then there's the Raw, edgy in your face kick it attitudes of The Beastie Boys and Wu Tang Clan presented that I find myself living by the lifestyle of which I was heavily influenced by in my life. So hopefully, these elements that make up the artist that is Minnesota S.A.G.E. may one day be heard by the individuals out there whether from the city or on the rez that would categorize and quote me down the road in their very own interview with Powwows.com.

Q) If you could send one song into space and  into the next galaxy, which one would it be and why? What do you think the life forms there would think of it and learn from you?

A) Funny, well first, I'm not believing or disbelieving, for that matter, the existence of Extra Terrestrial Life. However on the account of deeply believing that all things are indeed possible, I would a have to say the soon to be recorded “Come N Gone.” I would choose this track simply based on the ideal that in letting it be put out to the cosmos that the fact that my people believed in The Great Mystery, Gichimahnido and that one day the Great Spirit that one day take us away would still be honored by those remaing here on Earth with an honor song and a traditional dance.


Q) What’s next for you? For your music?

A) Next I will be releasing my follow up single to “SOLO Cup” the project “ONE HUNDRED” due December 10, 2013 . At that point I’ll be back in the studio focusing on my debut solo album with Culture Shock Original, “The Center of Attention” that will be released sometime in late spring/early summer of 2014. I plan on doing touring once it drops. In addition I have work on both The Mille Lacs Boyz new album, simply titled “M.L.B.” getting ready for release along with Minority Report's forthcoming release “Confidential.”

Q) Think back to the things that you dreamed about and have they come true in your life? What would you want still to come and pass?

A) I have always been influenced by music that others have brought into my life. I guess it's safe to say that there is little wonder why I had the day dreams of one day making into the music industry. As far as what I wish still to come about in my career is the continual support of those that enjoy my music and I wish to pass its legacy to those with whom are able to carry its spirit on.

Q) Much success on all your future recordings and I look forward to even more new news on their release dates in 2014.

A) Chi-MiiGwech, a big thanks to YOU Dawn! I appreciate all that you have done as well as for the support!!

 -Jeremy “Minnesota S.A.G.E.” Schaaf www.facebook.com/MinnesotaSAGE & https://twitter.com/MinnesotaSAGE

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