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Posted By Paul G March 1st, 2018 Last Updated on: March 1st, 2018

PowWows.com is seeking a Social Media Curator.

In the growing world of social media, content is shared on dozens of websites.  Our Social Media Curator will assist in finding and sharing relevant content to our readers.

This position will gather and share information and put it into a context with organization, annotation and presentation. You will provide a customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources with your personal touch and thoughts.

In other words, we are looking for people that love to surf Pinterest or Facebook and share great photos, stories, videos etc with family and friends.

Here is an example:

Job Duties

  • Stay on top of news and trends in Indian Country
  • Create 5-10 compelling blogs posts each week

You can work from your home!

This job is part-time.

We welcome applicants that currently work full time to apply.

This position will be a contract relationship with PowWows.com, LLC.

Compensation will be a monthly fee, details discussed with candidates.

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Kimberly Holmes

Wow, this would be a remarkable opportunity. I just applied!


Still need help?


Still need help?

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