Help Fill This Empty Skate Park with Hualapai Youth!

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown November 3rd, 2015 Last Updated on: November 3rd, 2015

Recently Holt Hamilton, filmmaker of movies such as Legends from the Sky and More than Frybread, was visiting Peach Springs, Arizona, on the Hualapai Reservation, doing some film work for the community. While in the area he stopped off at the Boys & Girls Club and looked around the facility as he usually does; filmmakers are always looking for a great shot for their next film! During the tour, he saw a skate park, but no one was skating. When he asked where the skaters were he found out that no one had skateboards for the kids. He was inspired to help out get these kids the equipment they need and that's why he's asking for your help today.

Hamilton spoke with Nikieia Johnson, the Youth Development Supervisor for the Boys & Girls Club of Peach Springs, to share her vision of the skateboard park.

“Upon reviewing our programs and meeting with our youth, we would like to implement a skateboard program. Here at our branch we have a skate park, that is under utilized due to lack of equipment. The youth within our community are fascinated with skateboards and all the elements of skateboarding. We would like to meet their needs and desires of exploring a new sport and recreation, so that we are offering programs that make the most positive impact for our youth. There are an array of social, physical, and cognitive skills that can be further enhanced in our youth, by implementing a skateboard program. Not only will youth gain confidence within themselves through social interaction, and teamwork, they will also gain a feeling of power and belonging by engaging in an activity that interests them and further develops themselves as unique individuals. Your support in aiding us with enriching our youth is deeply appreciated and we thank you for your gift.”


The Go Fund Me campaign is asking for $1,500. A pretty small goal that I have no doubt they can make with your help! They money will go towards:

$1,200 for Skateboards:
– A variety of skateboards and Longboards will be purchased

$150 Fees (Approximate):
– 5% GoFundMe Fee (Approx. $75)
– 3% Processing Fee Per Transaction (Approx. $45)
– $0.30 Fee Per Transaction (Approx. $30 w/100 transactions)

$150 Delivery Expenses:
– Fuel/Mileage for deliver of skateboards from Flagstaff, AZ to Peach Springs, AZ (Approx. 225 mile round trip)

Want to donate a physical skateboard instead of a monetory donation? Please contact Holt Hamilton Films for an address to send a skateboard to before December 15, 2015. They want to make sure these skateboards arrive just in time for Christmas!

For more information and learn more about how you can donate, please visit the Go Fund Me page at https://www.gofundme.com/Skateboards.

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