Hear the Lakota Song Greg Grey Cloud Sang in Senate

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown November 30th, 2014 Last Updated on: November 28th, 2018

In case you missed it last week, Greg Grey Cloud was arrested while singing an honor song right after the Keystone XL Pipeline vote failed. Unfortunately the song was cut short and I know a lot of you were wanting to hear more of the song or know what song it was. Lakota Voice was able to contact the author of the song, Howard Bad Hand a Sicangu Lakota from Rosebud South Dakota. They created this lovely video with him explaining the lyrics and why he originally wrote the song.

The original song included both the Lakota and Diné language. This song was created to honor the elders of Big Mountain on the Dine Reservation in Arizona, and presented to them at their sun dance in the summer of 1988. The song was meant to honor the search for peace in defending the land.

Hope you enjoy!

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Enjoyed the greg gray cloud song it was lovely song grandmother earth


Gathering of nations not play on my phone as i not able to make it to the gon and i was not able to watch the live cast

Ally LittleOwl

Everything our Elder speaks of in this video is true and with love. I am not Lakota nor Dine etc. but I am from another tribe and I understand what the prayer is and its intention yet I do not understand our ancestral language. When we hear Elders speak let it resonate within us because these are gifts from the Creator…the Great Spirit. Be a hollow bone.

Waneta day

he is a true American! Whatever happened to Redon of speech? Why would you want to stop someone who is asking for help and acknowledging that their will be harmony in the end?

Dolly Hewett



Thank you for singing Everything Returns to Harmony !!!

Donna Melville

I thought it was very pretty song and it should not have been interrupted. He did nothing wrong that I seen. What did it hurt for it to be sung.

Donna Henry

I love the song this Elder sang. It was rudely interrupted by that Person whom I refuse to say a lady of the Courts upon making a decision upon the Keystone.
This is so true. Harmony.

I was so touched by the grandfather’s song.let peace be our way of. Life

It is truly more indication of the Great Spirit when our elders, our uncles can teach with spirit through indigenous music. No technology is any where nears the powerfulness of indigenous tradition. I smile. All power to the people. Good work uncle! ☺️😌👍🏽😎

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