Have you seen this Neon Light Hoop Dance video??

Have you seen this Neon Light Hoop Dance video??

Posted By Corinne Rice March 19th, 2019 Last Updated on: March 20th, 2019

There is a video circulating on Facebook of Theland Kicknosway hoop dancing at the 2019 Little NHL Ceremonies!

If you haven't seen it, watch below!

About Theland Kicknosway

Theland was awarded an Indspire award in 2018.

Culture, Heritage, and Spirituality (2018)
Walpole Island Bkejwanong Territory, Ontario 

“Everything that I do is to give back to all Peoples of our Nations, I want to help the youth learn more from the Elders and pass it along to the future generations so they can walk and create the new path that all of us have begun.”

Theland Kicknosway is Wolf Clan, is Potawatami and Cree, and is a member of Walpole Island in Southern Ontario. a singer, a grass & hoop dancer, and helps in ceremonies in many places. He enjoys going to school in the Ottawa region where he is a part of sports teams. He enjoys offering his gifts of song/dance/voice for all. 

Theland Kicknosway Facebook Page

More Theland Videos


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