Have you seen the new GatheringofNations.com?

Posted By Paul G April 21st, 2015 Last Updated on: April 21st, 2015

After last year's Gathering of Nations Pow Wow an effort was started to upgrade the Gathering of Nations website.   The team worked for several months on the upgrade including a weekend locked in an Albuquerque hotel.

LeAndra Madalena, the Gathering of Nations Web Admin, told us a few of the key new features on the site.

What are the new features of the website that visitors should see?

Search box, New Menu, Easier Access to content, Website Highlights, Interacting sharing with social media and most important of all faster posting and updates to website!

What has been the reaction to the new site?

Excellent! Modern and clean look to help support current technologies and trends. As technology changes we have to always think of being ahead and keeping up.

What are the future plans for the site?

As always, we are committed to bring everyone a website full of Gathering of Nations Event and Education Information representing Native American (Indigenous) Culture and continue to express ourselves creatively through the website. We will continue to update the website with 2015/2016 information and also commit to working on our GON archives. Our historical information/photos will be back this summer..

As a GON Web Administrator and IT geek at heart, I always keep this quote in mind:

The number one benefit of information technology is that it empowers people to do what they want to do.
It lets people be creative.
It lets people be productive.
It lets people learn things they didn't think they could learn before, and so in a sense it is all about potential.
–Steve Ballmer

We would like to thank the City of Albuquerque for their contribution to the new web site and the GON Web Team: Le Andra Madalena, Clyde Hubbard, Melonie Mathews and Paul Gowder.


Hard at Work on the New GON Website with the GON Web Team: Paul Gowder, Clyde Hubbard, LeAndra Madalena & Melonie Mathews.

Be sure to visit the new website to get all the current information on the upcoming Pow Wow.


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