Good Medicine Film – Power of Positivity – Wind River Reservation

Posted By Paul G January 31st, 2019 Last Updated on: February 2nd, 2019

Good Medicine” is a new release by the extraordinary filmmaker Jackson Tisi and focuses on the power of positivity here on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

“We radiate the beauty from within when we emulate the values and beliefs that have sustained our people for generations; love, kindness, sacrifice, honesty, loyalty, compassion, respect, forgiveness, spirituality and wisdom. “

A Film by Jackson Tisi

Filmed on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, Good Medicine is a short film looking at how the youth and elders of the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribes find peace and healing through skateboarding and traditions.

Good Medicine from Jackson Tisi on Vimeo.

Director: Jackson Tisi
Executive Producers: Sofia Vergara, Luis Balaguer, Noah Meisner, Kathleen Grace, Emiliano Calemzuk
Commissioned by: Facebook
Story Producer: Lucy Place
Co-Producer: Rod Carrillo-Lundren
Director of Photography: Zoe Simone Yi
Editor: Matt Schaff & Sergio Miranda
Colorist: Kath Raisch of Company 3
Color Producer: Amanda Pilnik
Additional Color: Parker Jarvie of Company 3
1st AC: Sunnie Kim
2nd AC/Movi Operator: Aiden Ulrich
Sound Mixer: Nathan Schucker
Original Score: Gavin Brivik
Graphic Design: Samuel Winship
Sound Design & Mix: Brandon Hickey
Line Producer: Isabel Montenegro
Production Manager: TeNeil Moore French
Production Coordinator: Craig Sherwood
Office Production Assistant: Nicholas Matarazzo
Set Production Assistant: Tucker Hansen
Post-Production Supervisor: James P. Axiotis
Post Coordinator: Aaron Talavera
Assistant Editor: Doug Schultheis

Starring: James Trosper, Patrick Smith, Melissa Redman, Teton Trosper, Josie Trosper, Kayson “Ezekiel” Jones, Will Hanway

365 Days of Love Staff: Liz Lenkinski, Carlin Cwick, Jason Arambulo, Amos Mac, Michael Malarkey, Steven Fook Yuan Wong, Sutton York

Special Thanks: Matt Wright, Eastern Shoshone Business Council, Northern Arapaho Business Council, Wind River Inter-Tribal Council, City of Riverton, Eagle Spirit Dancers and Singers, Ryan Dwork, Brigitte Wehner, Arri Rental, Amy Marrington Culp, Jamie Culp

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I love this film. It is a call to the isolated. All over the world the extended family has been dispersed and the effects are negative. To offset those effects we need to get people together – link arms – dance – experience the joy. Unfortunately we then return to the daily grind. Maybe the next generation will realise the light.

Patricia K Kouba

Enjoyed, the film, more than I can express in written words.Wish it could have been a bit, longer.Thank you too all that put it together and made available for so many to see.Could use more 9f them.
Sincerely, Patricia K Kouba 😊.

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