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Category Name Place


JR. Girl's Fancy Talyer Fineday 1


JR. Girl's Fancy Landis Roan 2


JR. Girl's Fancy Layla Buffalo 3


JR. Girl's Fancy Alexandra YellowBird 4


JR. Girl's Fancy Ryley Hunter 5


JR. Girl's Jingle Kaydence Benson 1


JR. Girl's Jingle Kodi weasal head 2


JR. Girl's Jingle Tashanna Redman 3


JR. Girl's Jingle Lyrik Albert 4


JR. Girl's Jingle Omiyisow Warren 5


JR. Girl's Traditional Shannah Bird 1


JR. Girl's Traditional Pisim YellowBird 2


JR. Girl's Traditional Ziktcana Roberts 3


JR. Girl's Traditional Rhian SpoonHunter 4


JR. Girl's Traditional Emily Lavalee 5


JR. Boy's Fancy Dason Schofield 1


JR. Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan 2


JR. Boy's Fancy Odalis Uentille 3


JR. Boy's Fancy Skychild Thompson 4


JR. Boy's Fancy Dawason Gamble 5


Teen Boy's Grass Cj Thompson 1


Teen Boy's Grass Slik Nez 2


Teen Boy's Grass Jamal Danges 3


Teen Boy's Grass Elijah Poorman 4


Teen Boy's Grass Tristan Ward 5


Teen Boy's Traditional Teddy Yuzicappi 1


Teen Boy's Traditional Lakota Little Sky 2


Teen Boy's Traditional Dane Sutherland 3


Teen Boy's Traditional Bobby Badger JR 4


Teen Boy's Traditional Taylor Starchief 5


Teen Boy's Chicken Gino Kaiswa Tum 1


Teen Boy's Chicken Kessin Tompson 2


Teen Boy's Chicken Falcon Thuderchild 3


Teen Boy's Chicken Raydon Gadwa 4


Teen Boy's Chicken Kimo Morn 5


JR. Women's Fancy Kaitlyn Mcarthur 1


JR. Women's Fancy Tishana Baptiste 2


JR. Women's Fancy Josette Wahwasuck 3


JR. Women's Fancy Dezrae Tootoosis 4


JR. Women's Fancy Tia Warren 5


JR. Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 1


JR. Women's Jingle Elisa Gadwa 2


JR. Women's Jingle Amanda Ironstar 3


JR. Women's Jingle Dabney Warren 4


JR. Women's Jingle Angelin Gadwa 5


JR. Women's Traditional Tierra Labelle 1


JR. Women's Traditional Miranda Obey 2


JR. Women's Traditional Raylene Hunter 3


JR. Women's Traditional Tashena Bison 4


JR. Women's Traditional Marissa Tsatoke 5


JR. Men's Fancy Thunder Lovett 1


JR. Men's Fancy Douglas Scholfield 2


JR. Men's Fancy Amoz Yazzie The 4th 3


JR. Men's Fancy Teddy Bison 4


JR. Men's Fancy Lance Yazzie 5


JR. Men's Grass Ira Mcnab 1


JR. Men's Grass Darwin Goodwill 2


JR. Men's Grass Aj Redman 3


JR. Men's Grass Nathan Mitsung 4


JR. Men's Grass Kenneth Gadwa 5


JR. Men's Traditional Eli Snow 1


JR. Men's Traditional Ardell Scalplock 2


JR. Men's Traditional Bobby Hunter 3


JR. Men's Traditional Jared Buffalo 4


JR. Men's Traditional Marcuis Micadam 5


JR. Men's Chicken Nelson Banker 1


JR. Men's Chicken Sheldon Scalplock JR 2


JR. Men's Chicken Tood Papequash 3


JR. Men's Chicken TJ Warren 4


JR. Men's Chicken Jackson Tahuka 5


Sr. Women's Fancy Lisa Ewack 1


Sr. Women's Fancy Christine Dieter 2


Sr. Women's Fancy Suzzette Bull 3


Sr. Women's Fancy Yvette Duquette 4


Sr. Women's Fancy Juanta desikarlais 5


Sr Womens Jingle Melinda Goodwill 1


Sr Womens Jingle Jolene Redman 2


Sr Womens Jingle Paula Weasel Head 3


Sr Womens Jingle Tanya Tootoosis 4


Sr Womens Jingle Pauline Bird 5


Sr Womans Traditional Deanna Ledoux 1


Sr Womans Traditional Celeste Tootoosis 2


Sr Womans Traditional Andrea Redman 3


Sr Womans Traditional Shirley Thunderchild 4


Sr Womans Traditional Tarissa SpoonHunter 5


Sr Mens Fancy Sim Thunderchild 1


Sr Mens Grass Darrell Paskemin 1


Sr Mens Grass Everette Stone 2


Sr Mens Grass Les Michel 3


Sr Mens Grass Angus Mcadam 4


Sr Mens Grass Lance Stone 5


Sr Mens Traditional Kevin Haywahe 1


Sr Mens Traditional Jason Daniels 2


Sr Mens Traditional Patrick Mcnab 3


Sr Mens Traditional Jason KingBird 4


Sr Mens Traditional Tobias Provost 5


Sr Mens Chicken Sheldon ScalpLock Sr 1


Sr Mens Chicken Rod Atcheynum 2


Sr Mens Chicken Bobby Badger Sr 3


Sr Mens Chicken Brian Waskewitch 4


Sr Mens Chicken Gordon Whitford 5

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Pls post teen girls catagories ๐Ÿ™‚

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