Gathering of Nations Giveaway – Enter To Win – 5 Pendleton Blankets – Presented by Pendleton

Posted By Paul G March 30th, 2022 Last Updated on: April 1st, 2022

Gathering of Nations, North America's Largest Pow Wow, is back for 2022!

I'll be heading back to Albuquerque in a few weeks to stream the Pow Wow live for you.  The Pow Wow hasn't been held in person since 2019. 

Find out more about the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

I'm excited to be heading back to witness this amazing event again.  I can't wait to hug old friends finally.

Thanks to our friends at Pendleton, I'm giving away 5 Pendleton Blankets in April.

Make sure you enter daily for more chances to win!  On May 2, I'll draw 5 lucky winners from all the entries.  The more times you enter, the better chance you have to win.

You can enter using the form below.  AND I'll be hiding bonus codes on the website, newsletter, podcast, social media, and of course the live stream of Gathering of Nations Pow Wow.  Keep an eye out for ways to get extra entries!


  • 1st Place – Earth – American Indian College Fund
  • 2nd Place – Chief Joseph – New Color – Aegean
  • 3rd Place – Wildland Heroes Firefighter
  • 4th Place – Falcon Cove
  • 5th Place – Pagosa Springs


Prize Information

Earth American Indian College Fund Blanket

The photographer Edward S. Curtis created an invaluable photographic and written record of every major Native American tribe west of the Mississippi around the turn of the century. This pattern is based on one of his photos, and embodies the elements of earth and sky. The step pattern in the center is a mountain design, and geometric motifs symbolize wheat, grass and seed. Created exclusively for the American Indian College Fund, a nonprofit organization that helps fund scholarships for Native American students and tribal colleges.

Chief Joseph Blanket

First produced in the 1920s, the Chief Joseph blanket is one of the oldest ongoing blankets woven by Pendleton Woolen Mills. The pattern celebrates the heroism of the great Nez Perce leader with a balanced design of arrowheads pointing in all directions of Mother Earth. Chief Joseph, known by his people as In-mut-too-yah-lat-lat (Thunder Coming Up Over the Land From the Water), assumed his role as Chief in 1877.

Wildland Heroes Blanket

The scent of smoke fills the air. An orange glow lights the horizon. Mother Nature is on alert, and Wildland Firefighters stand ready to defend her. These brave men and women hold the line against fire’s destruction with team effort; digging lines, running hoses, saving structures when they can. In Pendleton’s tribute to Wildland Firefighting, bands of deep forest alternate with lines of flame, lighting trees endangered by flame. A portion of this blanket’s sales help the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, which supports families and injured firefighters in times of need.

Pagosa Springs Blanket

Long ago, a plague could not be cured, so a council gathered on the riverbank. They built a gigantic fire, danced and prayed for help, then fell into a deep sleep. When they woke, the fire was replaced by a pool of fragrant hot water, where they bathed and were healed, naming it “Pah” (water) and “Gosa” (boiling). In the center of this design, blue hot springs rise through a medallion of fire to bring peace and health.

Falcon Cove Blanket

A hidden beach on Oregon’s coastline holds Falcon Cove. This secluded spot is home to “Magic Rocks Beach,” where ocean-tumbled stones make a rumbling music when washed by the tides. The natural hues of sand, grasses and seaside bluffs are arranged in a balanced pattern that represents the harmony of this beautiful stretch of coastline, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean.

And if you kept reading this far, you deserve a bonus code!  

Bonus Code – 22949

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Julie Bauknecht

Were do I enter my bonus code?


I watched the gathering of the nations 2022 on youtube and have the code to enter to win 5 Pendleton blankets but i’m confused about how to enter here just in case it goes through the code i saw was 51276 Thank all ya’all so much


I have been following you on Facebook now I just followed u on Instagram…


Hit the enter and nothing happens, Is it full or nobody else can sign up?

Ken Brewer

Yes, very confusing, so sorry…am I getting old?

Alvin L Umphfres



What do we do with the bonus code

Holly Cariola

Not sure how to enter for one of the lovely blankets and also not sure on where to enter codes???HELP>>>>

Gabriel Ramirez

This is a jumble of stuff, can’t make sense of where you enter the contests. Rate an article. Would like to know real info like how to use newly released census information. Tried to look up family found an uncle and cousins, but can’t find grandparents. Help with good information please. You’re doing great work.

Margaret M marg.lucia

how do I use the code to enter again?

David Birmingham

10 Biggest Native Tribes Today+1Did you intend this to be only 1 point or should it have been 10 points?

Janice McDowell

I’m confused about how to enter for the native blanket I’m already signed up for the newsletter

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