Foodways Explores Indigenous Cuisine in America

Foodways Explores Indigenous Cuisine in America

Posted By Toyacoyah Brown June 26th, 2016 Blog

For years now Zagat has been the go to source for ratings and reviews for restaurants, nightlife, hotels and more. They recently started creating original videos about tasty treats and unique cuisines around the country. They've enlisted Jessica Sanchez, chef/owner of Miami's LOBA, to travel the country and examine various Foodways in America, where history, culture and tradition in food intersect.

In episode 8, Sanchez visits a remote corner of Colorado known as Dunton Hot Springs. She visits with Executive Chef Karlos Baca (Dine/Tewa) who educates guests on the meaning of indigenous cuisine. Using the bounty of the land such as bison and foraged forest ingredients, chef Baca continues to carry on the traditions of his ancestors not only through his cooking, but by emulating the meaning of the phrase “sun dancer.”

To learn more about Karlos Baca and Indigenous Cuisine visit

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