Flying Dust Pow Wow – 2013 – Dance Results

Posted By Becky Hope June 22nd, 2014 Last Updated on: June 22nd, 2014

Category Name Place
JR. Girl's Fancy Landis Roan Pigeon Lake 1
JR. Girl's Fancy Kisa Chamakese- Pelican La 2
JR. Girl's Fancy Tayley Fineday -Onion Lak 3
JR. Girl's Fancy Mercedes Ben Makwa Sah 4
JR. Girl's Fancy Breanne Carter- Onion LA 5
JR Gilr's Jingle Payton Swift Wolfe moos 1
JR Gilr's Jingle Taylor Mistikokat Water 2
JR Gilr's Jingle Janece Moosomn- Mosoui 3
JR Gilr's Jingle Ava Bro-n Little Red River 4
JR Gilr's Jingle Teagan Kapeaysewat moo 5
JR Girl's Traditional Jonya Little Wolf Onoinl 1
JR Girl's Traditional Samira Waskahat Frogla 2
JR Girl's Traditional Jacey Chamakese Shitekl 3
JR Girl's Traditional Danisha dreaver Pelicanl 4
JR Girl's Traditional Creel ynn Berland – Island 5
JR. Boy's Fancy Jazz Roan Pigeon Lake 1
JR. Boy's Fancy Nathaniel Swiftwolfe- No 2
JR. Boy's Fancy Dawson Gamble – Red Phea 3
JR. Boy's Fancy Nichalas Mcadam- Pelican 4
JR. Boy's Grass Alijah Roberts Paskemin 1
JR. Boy's Grass Nikolai Moccosin – Mooso 2
JR. Boy's Grass Fabian Mcadam- Whitefish 3
JR. Boy's Grass Damien Wapass- Thunderc 4
JR. Boy's Grass Alzae Lachance – Pelican la 5
JR. Boy's traditional Darren Bird -Littele red 1
JR. Boy's traditional Storm Wapass -Thunderch 2
JR. Boy's traditional Tristan Carter – Onion Lak 3
JR. Boy's traditional Blazing Sky Carrier – Paipa 4
JR. Boy's traditional Hunter Duquette- Saskat 5
JR. Boy's Chicken Brantay Gadwa- Onion Lak 1
JR. Boy's Chicken Sage Berland – Island lake 2
JR. Boy's Chicken Jaiden Mcadam- Big River 3
JR. Boy's Chicken Dashayne Morn 4
JR. Boy's Chicken Jonah Harris -Pelicna lake 5
Women's Golden Age Bernice bill- Chitek Lake 1
Women's Golden Age Eliza Biro- Little red 2
Women's Golden Age Jenny Spy Glass- Mosquit 3
Women's Golden Age Marge Nokhoo- North bat 4
Women's Golden Age Christine Swift wolfe – No 5
Men's Golden Age Clayton Chef- Ministikwin 1
Men's Golden Age Richard Cross- Frog Lake 2
Men's Golden Age Roland Small Boy 3
Men's Golden Age Joe Thunderchild- Thunde 4
Men's Golden Age Tommy Little Spruce- Mak 5
Teen Girl's Jingle Percy Crooked neck 1
Teen Girl's Jingle Kyla Henry – Rozo River 2
Teen Girl's Jingle Kyue Paskimin – sweetgras 3
Teen Girl's Jingle Rachel Lewis – Onion Lake 4
Teen Girl's Jingle Reann Chamakese- Pelican 5
Teen Girl's Traditional Jazara Littlewolf – Onion L 1
Teen Girl's Traditional Night Song wapass -Thund 2
Teen Girl's Traditional Dayna French Man- Moosa 3
Teen Girl's Traditional Dayde Berland Frog Lak 4
Teen Boy's fancy Draven Waskahat 1
Teen Boy's fancy Rita Thunderchild Thude 2
Teen Boy's fancy Asa Thirnderchild Thude 3
Teen Boy's fancy Hunter wapass- Thunderc 4
Teen Boy's fancy Tristan Lewis 5
Teen Boy's Traditional Taylor Starchief – Lean MA 1
Teen Boy's Traditional Falcon Thunderchild- Thu 2
Teen Boy's Traditional Kimo Morn- Big River Firs 3
Teen Boy's Traditional Shaun Keenatch- Big River 4
Teen Boy's Traditional Casy Thurnderspirit- Big 5
JR. Women's Fancy Trisha Albert- Sweetgrass 1
JR. Women's Fancy Tishanna Baptiste 2
JR. Women's Fancy Melisa Tootoosis 3
JR. Women's Fancy Shannon Chamakese- Chite 4
JR. Women's Fancy Cree Rain Frank – Sweet GR 5
JR. Women's Jingle Lacy Albert 1
JR. Women's Jingle Cyrina Bull 2
JR. Women's Jingle Cahrlene Swiftwolfe 3
JR. Women's Jingle Dabney Warren 4
JR. Women's Jingle Monica bear 5
JR. Women's traditional Sage Spedel 1
JR. Women's traditional Laurette Creaver 2
JR. Women's traditional Megan Onespot 3
JR. Women's traditional Natasha Ouelette 4
JR. Women's traditional Charmine Starchief 5
JR. Men's Fancy Nalan Small Boy 1
JR.Men's Fancy Partrick Mistsuing 2
JR. Men's Fancy River Thurnderchild 3
JR. Men's Fancy Wind Dancer Waskewitch 4
JR. Men's Fancy Ashton Naytomhow 5

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